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Now, when did that happen?
Get the Right Perspective with Timelines and Time Scales  

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

"Long ago and far away..." is a great beginning for a fairy tale, but a good
time line can help children really understand the concept of "times past".

7 Great Reasons to Make a Timeline from J & K Schooling

How to Make a Timeline

Timeline Helps from Paula's Archive -- great summary with photos of
various styles of handmade timelines

How to Easily make a Timeline by Terri Johnson

Timelines by Ava Miller -- helpful tips and a summary of the various styles

It's About Time -- tips for making a geologic time scale on adding machine
paper, also in the form of a clock, and in the form of a football field

Timeline-Making Resources
You can purchase these supplies, or use combine some ideas to make your
own timeline exactly the way you want it.

Knowledge Quest -- supplies for making timelines, including blank book,
blank wall charts, stickers, CD-Rom resources, etc

J & K Schooling --offers  a blank, serpentine timeline and figures to color

Enchanted Learning - free printable line and table format timeline blanks

Classical Home Education -- sells blank timeline sections with stickers,
optional pre-history package starts at 2 million BC

History Scribe -- a spiral notebook style timeline with blanks for the years

Tanglewood -- "Book of the Centuries" format pages, download for a fee

A Timeline for All Time -- a spiral notebook with blank pages for each time
period, begins with Creation, Christian-focused

Sonlight Book of Time -- a blank spiral notebook with only the years
labled, required for Core Levels C-100, also,
Timeline Figures stickers

How to Create a Timeline in Excel  -- teaching your older child to do this
might be fun, too (here is another
timeline tutorial -- from Microsoft)

How to Create a Timeline in HTML -- add a timeline to your family's  
homechool website!

KONOS Timeline -- also offers heroic figures series to put on chart

Utopia Portrait Gallery -- a collection of public domain portraits that can
be printed at no charge, a great addition to timelines

Lap Books -- a crafty 3-D way to display facts and artwork for any time
period, event, or person,  some examples can be seen at
Scrapbooking to
Learn, Peakmore Academy, Chavez Creative Publishing, Templates
by Donovan has directions for various envelopes and folding elements,
instructional books and supplies can be found at
Tobin's Lab, there is also
Lapbooking Yahoo Group,

Pre-Made Timelines for Purchase

World History Timeline -- a wall chart companion to the HyperHistory
website. recomended by Encyclopaedia Britannica

Timelines by COBBLESTONE Publishing -- pre-made wall charts, both
World History and American History

Free Online Timelines
For extra fun, be sure to include the history or your child's favorite subject
on your timeline -- sports, video games, horses, desserts -- whatever! :-)

Today in History from the Library ofCongress - what happened on this
day/month in years past?

HyperHistory Online -- an interactive time line of people, events, etc.

The Timeline Index -- interactive timelines sorted by category and topic,
also offers external links for more info

American History Timeline fom the Smithsonian Institute

When's Who -- an interactive timeline of history-makers

Histories of Women - a listing of online womens' history websites

AlternaTime -- a huge list links to timelines on various subjects

A Wiki List of Timelines -- a wikipedia entry that links to hundreds of
timelines on Wikipedia  Do remember that Wikipedia is written by many
different people, and is not an authority -- you may want to double-check
your facts elsewhere -- but there are some very interesting timelines here
that you may not find elsewhere.

Edgar Governo: Historian of Things That Never Were -- timelines of
fictional places/events, such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Godfather
movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Anne of green
gables, Narnia, etc.  A fun way to get kids interested in studying/making
timelines ;-)

Bible Time Line -- a listing of events from Genesis to Revelation

Geologic Time -- a tutorial from NASA explains how geologists have
subdivided and scaled the last 4 billion years on Earth

Geologic Time: A Story of a Changing Earth -- a "clickable" time scale,
with links to fossils and other interesting info,  from the Smithsonian Institute

Timeline of Art History from the metropolitan Museum of Art

The Food Timeline -- a history timeline of foods, dishes, and recipe books

Timeline of Computer History from the Computer History Museum

War Scholars's Military History Timeline

Musical Time Periods by Redbud Lane

Stylistic Timeline of Music History

Rock N' Roll Timeline

History of Women in Sports -- timeline from ancient Greece to present

Timeline of Video Game History -- interactive and linked, by
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