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The Homechool Diner's Guide to
Social Studies for Homeschoolers

Textbooks, Curriculum, and Online Resources

by Julie Shepherd Kanpp, copyright 2006

"The Story of Mankind" -- a child-friendly textbook written by Hendrik
Willem Van Loon, an American journalist, and professor.  It was the first
book to receive a Newbery Medal Award (1922) for an outstanding
contribution to children's literature.  Available thru major booksellers and
in a free online e-text  

The Works of Joy Hakim
The History of US (10 volumes)
Freedom: A History of US
The Science Story (4 volumes)

A series of child-friendly history books by Joy Hakim - written in a
"journalistic" style rather than the standard textbook approach, lots of
photos and stories about people, teaching guides are available thru
Oxford University Press, "You should never have a book for children that
wouldn't be good enough to be sold in a bookstore" -- Joy Hakim  
free PBS Webisodes, games and quizzes  to go along with "The History
of US", focusing on struggles for freedom in the US, available free online

A Child's History of the World -- a textbook written by V.M. Hillyer, a
headmaster at the Calvert School in Baltimore, it is a child-friendly
retelling of world history from prehistoric man through the 20th century,
focusing on how events relate to one another, designed for elementary
aged students.  Workbook with hands-on activities, available.

My Father's World -- History is incorporated in their K-12 curriculum,
beginning at 2nd grade. "...Combines the best of Charlotte Mason's
ideas and classical education with a Biblical worldview..."

The Story of the World -- written by Susan Wise Bauer, a 4-volume set
covers human history from ancient times to the present, including
non-Western civilizations.  Designed as a read-aloud for elementary
aged students.  Recommended for use with Classical Education.

Sonlight Curriculum -- their History and Geography packages(available
separately)  include many works of historic fiction (check Core Packages
3 and above)

Veritas Press -- offer curriculum aligned with Christain-focused
Classical Education for schools and homeschools. History is offered at
2nd thru 6th grade levels.

William and Mary Center for Gifted Education Curriculum
Materials -- (K - 12) curriculum designed for classroom use, but can be
modified by parents to use at home or with learning co-ops, includes
language arts, social studies and science

History Odessy -- (1 - 12)  study guides for history designed to be used
with Classical Education, three levels covering ancient history, middle
ages, and early modern, includes hands-on activities, literary analysis,
and research assignments for historical fiction and ancient texts

The Mystery of History by Linda Lacour Hobar - Christian-focused,  
classical approach to world history teaches Bible Stories along side
stories from the ancient world - chronologically from Creation thru the
Middle Ages.  

United Nations K - 12 Publications -- booklets on various global and
humanitarian topics

An Old-Fashioned Education -- links to hundreds of free online texts
(fiction and non-fiction) that were published before 1923 and are now in
"the Public Domain" (have no copyright restrictions), includes history,
social studies, language arts, math, science and nature, drama and
public speaking, fiction and non-fiction

Online Resources

HyperHistory Online -- an annotated time line of history, people,
science, religion, and politics from before 100 BC to present

Declaration of Independence: Historically Considered a line by line
historical analysis of the accusations of the Declaration of
The Food Timeline -- an annotated time line from
prehistoric times  to the present
Hearth Library -- free online texts of Home Economics books written
from 1850 to 1950

The Biography Channel -- a variety of written bios and videos
Kids Domain Black History Links from Kaboose -- kid-safe websites
Encyclopaedia Britannica's Guide to Black History -- free online
Black -- members post personal histories, hosts several
discussion forums

History of Holidays -- by Bill Petro, history behind American holidays,
specifics  for Christmas and Easter
Fourth of July Celebrations Database -- by James Heintze, Librarian
at American University, "...selected examples of Fourth of July
celebrations that have occurred throughout our nation's history from
1776 to the present. The goal is to capture a slice of the American
cultural tradition --its pageantry, spectacle, music, and symbol in order to
enhance our understanding of the American character and heritage..."
Thanksgiving -- Information and activities from Plimoth Plantation

Current Events -- a list of online current events magazines for kids
compiled by Jefferson County Schools, Social Studies Online

The Academy Curriculum Exchange --free online lesson plans, all
subject areas, all grades, from the Columbia Education Center

Internet 4 Classrooms (i4c) -- lots of great social studies links for K - 12
Media Literacy Series -- (grades 7 -12) encourages teens to think
critically about TV, advertisements, music, newspapers, etc., comes in an
8-book series, or the advertising book is
available separately from
Rainbow Resources    

UCCP Open Access College Prep -- free online AP courses, including
US Government, US History, Psychology , use as prep for taking AP tests
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