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Social Studies for Homeschoolers

Fun Hands-On Activities for Social Studies

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Hands and Hearts History Kits - everything you need for craft, art, and
math activities related to several world time periods

Teaching American History Through Art and Teaching Geography
Through Art --by  Visual Manna -- supplement your study of history,
English, geography, the Bible, and science thru art, other art curriculum for
several age groups and topics also available, techniques include following
the steps to correctly draw animals, reproducing the shading and coloring
techniques of given works, and using a grid to copy drawings, sample
lessons online

Lap Books -- a crafty 3-D way to display facts and artwork about any
subject a child has learned or to display  an integrated unit study,  some
examples can be seen at
Scrapbooking to Learn, Peakmore Academy,
Chavez Creative Publishing, The HomeschoolShop.  Templates by
Donovan has directions for various envelopes and folding elements. Dinah
Zike has ideas for graphically organizing info sections. Instructional books
and supplies can be found at
Tobin's Lab.  Pre-made kits can be bought
In the Hands of a Child.  Here is a Lapbooking Yahoo Group,
and another from
LiveAndLearnPress , which also sells Learn N Folders  
of mini-book kits for lapbooks.

KidProj -- an online community where students join and/or design global
projects and see what others around the world have contributed.  Lots of
current and ongoing projects to choose from, multiple languages.

America's Quilting History -- history, study tips, and patterns, also see
African American Presence in Quilts and Timeline of Quilting in
American History and photos from the Smithsonian collection, also, see
over 880 photos of beautiful Amish-made quilts at
Amish Country Quilts
(just click the TOUR button)

Medieval Woodworking and the Virtual Museum of Woodworking
Tools  -- examples and history of woodworking

Fabrication d'armure medieval -- a You Tube video of the process of
hammering a breast plate out of sheet metal

Trebuchet Kits -- 2 kits from Escapade Direct (great site for browsing ;-)

The ToyMaker -- lots of fold-able paper crafts, including Holiday subjects

12-sided calendar -- download a dodecahedron to assemble

Dover Publications - historic paper dolls, plus educational coloring books,
activity and sticker books for various topics in social studies and nature

Mr. McGroovy's Project Ideas -- free online plans for making castles,
carriages, steam engines, etc out of used cardboard refrigerator boxes, the
company also sells reusable rivets that work better than duct tape

Homeschool Shoe Box Swap -- a Yahoo! group that pairs families to
swap info and inexpensive items about their locals, across the states and
across the world, a new swap every month ("hsshoeboxswap")

Flat Travelers Homeschool -- based on the book "Flat Stanley", a  Flat
Traveler is a person, animal, or thing made out of paper, you print or draw
your Traveler, laminate it, then mail it (along with a blank journal) to
someone in another area, state or country. ("flat_travelers_homeschool")

Letterboxing in America and -- how to get started with
this fun  geography hobby that combines orienteering with a treasure hunt

Homeschool 4-H -- a Yahoo! support group discusses how to incorporate
4-H into your homeschool program

Pennsylvania 4-H  -- tons of free online 4-H curricula (brochures,
guidelines, instructions)

Canning and Freezing -- how-to and recipes

Check out other hands-on options for Social Studies:

Building the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Community Service and Humanitarian Efforts
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