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Social Studies for Homeschoolers

Educational Games for Social Studies

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Nation States -- free online game, build a nation and run it according to
your own political ideals

Food Force -- online game by the UN World Food Program

Learning from Baseball -- from, links to lesson plans,
websites, and online games that center on baseball, focus on math,
science, or history... or create your own Baseball Unit  Study

Primary Games - K - 6 online social studies games (and other subjects)

Game Aquarium - 3 - 6th free online social studies games (and other

Geography Games -- by Sheppard Software, free online trivia quizzes

Test your Geography Knowledge -- can you label the world? - check out their "Learning Corner" section for games
listed by grade level and subject

World Map Scramble -- an online map puzzle

Historical Map of the World Puzzle -- beautiful, but 5,000 pieces

Dover Publications - educational coloring books, activity and sticker
books, and paper dolls for various topics in social studies and nature

Bare Books -- Treehouse Publishing offers blank books, puzzles, game
boards, and comic books to make your own fun or educational materials
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