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Social Studies for Homeschoolers

Online Enrichment Ideas -- Social Studies

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2008

Free online resources to enliven your studies...


Google Earth -- "combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of
Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips"

Time Ticker -- see what time it is in different time zones

12-sided calendar -- download a dodecahedron to assemble

Lakota Winter Counts -- an interactive tour of historic Lakota calendars

50 States that Rhyme Song (alphabetical) lyrics from Mrs Jones, also a
YouTube video version
here that shows each state outline
50 Nifty United States written by Ray Charles
US state capital song  from the Animaniacs
Nations of the World Song from the Animaniacs, shows flags (

Geography Games -- by Sheppard Software, free online trivia quizzes

Test your Geography Knowledge -- can you label the world?

World Map Scramble -- free online game (tough!)

Dora's World Adventure -- a free game download

A Cartoon History of Maps -- from Rudiments of Wisdom Encyclopeadia

American Field Guide -- short PBS videos on different US ecosystems,
animals, plants, etc

History/Government/Current Events

First Gov for Kids -- links to the kid's pages of US government agencies

Current Events for Kids -- a list of online current events magazines for
kids compiled by Jefferson County Schools, Social Studies Online

Nation States -- free online game, build a nation and run it according to
your own political ideals

Food Force -- online game by the UN World Food Program

Today in History from the Library of Congress - what happened on this
day/month in years past?

HyperHistory Online -- an annotated time line of history, people,
science, religion, and politics from before 100 BC to present

Timeline of Computer History from the Computer History Museum
History of Video Games by PBS -- trace the roots, from 1952 on
Timeline of Art History from the metropolitan Museum of Art
The Food Timeline - food throughout the ages

Encyclopaedia Britannica's Guide to Black History -- free online
Histories of Women - a listing of online womens' history websites
History of Women in Sports -- timeline from ancient Greece to present

The Evolution of Popular Dance -- amusing YouTube video
Stringfever History of Music -- YouTube video medley of strings
America's Quilting History -- history, study tips, and patterns, also see
African American Presence in Quilts and Timeline of Quilting in
American History and photos from the Smithsonian collection

Philosophy Timeline -- annotated timeline of western philosophy
Museum of Lost Wonder -- an interactive tour thru a metaphorical
museum, compares concepts of philosophy to alchemy, beautiful music

Interactive Portrait of George Washington from the Smithsonian

Fabrication d'armure medieval -- a YouTube video of the process of
hammering a breast plate out of sheet metal

Americans at War -- an interactive survey of wars, from the Smithsonian

History Happens -- music and lyrics to songs about US history

Bio4Kids -- short entertaining videos from the Biography Channel

US History Trivia Machine -- free online game

The Bayeux Tapestry comes alive by Proff Richard Nokes, Troy U

Discover Babylon -- a free downloadable game from the Federation of
American Scientists "Mesopotamia’s diverse contributions in writing,
mathematics, literature, and law will come alive again..."

Xpedition Hall -- interactive geography "adventures" from Marco Polo

Mr McGroovey's How-Tos -- cool plans for building with cardboard boxes

For many more social studies resources, check out
Social Studies for Homeschoolers
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