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Social Studies for Homeschoolers

Audio-Visual and Computer-Based Materials

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

The History Channel Online - articles, video clips, audio speeches,
timelines, "This Day in History", listings of their TV documentaries, related

Social Sciences from Thinkwell -- great video lectures on government
and economics, with acompanying visual aids. More entertaining than a
textbook approach

Youth Leadership Initiative -- free K-12 civic education resources from
the University of Virginia Center for Politics, includes mock elections, mock
congress, and campaign simulations

Talking History: Holiday Series -- from the Organization of American
Historians, a series of 15 minutes lectures/pod casts about holidays
Thanksgiving holiday websites -- a list of kid-oriented resources Holiday Activities for Kids and Teachers -- a nice
group of links to educational websites, includes major Jewish and Muslim
holy days, too.

Liberty's Kids -- a cartoon series re-telling of the American Revolution

Myth Web -- cartoon approach to Greek Mythology, ideas for teachers

High School Level: World History: The Fertile Crescent To The
American Revolution a video series from the Teaching Co. -- Linwood
Thompson, Bellflower High School, California, a teacher (and trained actor)
who portrays himself as a character from history while delivering
entertaining lectures  

Discover Babylon -- a free downloadable game from the Federation of
American Scientists "Mesopotamia’s diverse contributions in writing,
mathematics, literature, and law will come alive again..."

Calisphere: A World of Digital Resources -- from the University of
California, free online world of primary sources, over 150,000 digitized items
(photographs, documents, newspaper pages, political cartoons, works of
art, diaries, transcribed oral histories, advertising, etc) document the
diverse history and culture of California, some classroom tips included -- info about several ancient civilizations

America's Story from America's Library -- multi-media about the past
"America: Why I love Her" arranged by Sagebrush Patriot -- an essay
written by John Mitchum Narrated by John Wayne, includes stunningl photos
of the different regions of America (scroll down to Patriotic Piece #1)
The Pledge of Allegiance -- an old recording of comedian Red Skelton
reciting the pledge as he defines each word
US state capital song -- from the Animaniacs
Geology of National Parks -- photos of US National Parks (with 3D option!)

Google Earth -- "combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of
Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips"

American Rhetoric:  Online Speech Bank -- full text for over 500
speeches, some using audio and video streaming. Check out the wide
variety, ranging from Franklin Delano Roosevelt's
Pearl Harbor Address
to the Nation, to Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, to Abbot
and Costello's "
Who's on First?"

Abraham Lincoln's Speeches and Writings -- from Abe Lincoln Online
A Chronology of US Historical Documents -- full texts of selected
speeches, Acts, Proclamations, Charters, letters and other important events
Generations -- Native American Radio Archives, historic speech archive in
progress, two study guides available

The Bayeux Tapestry comes alive by Proff Richard Nokes, Troy U

Typography 101 --the history of fonts from Greek to modern day
Typophiles for Peace -- a digital "quilt" promoting world peace

Harley J. Earl's Car of the Century -- interesting website on the history of
car design

America: A Look Back by Time Life Videos -- a 12 volume video set from
Time Life, a very entertaining series with clips of entertainers and everyday
life interspersed with history, out of print but available used and at libraries
America The Way We Were: The Home Front -- a 3 volume video set
about World War 2 by Reader's Digest, very entertaining series with clips of
home life and entertainers interspersed with battle footage and history

NBC iCue -- a website full of NBC video clips, games, and forums focused
on current and historic events as presented by the NBC TV news team

History Happens -- music and lyrics to songs about US history

Colonial Williamsburg Podcasts -- enhanced audio files on various topics
centering on historic Williamsburg.  Do explore the rest of the website -- for
example this CW Journal entry
Autumn 04 : The Eighteenth Century
Goes to the Dogs  is a nice history of dogs in the US and Britain (please
screen before passing on to sensitive kids -- there are brief mentions of
bear-baiting and medical experimentation)

Adventure of the American Mind Homeschool Program -- free online
lessons and guided research (webquests) in American History from the US
Library of Congress

Court TV: "ACLU Freedom Files" - actual cases are discussed with
reference to Constitutional basis for decisions

Families of the World Video Series -- each video documents the daily
activities of  two children/families from various countries, narrated by
children in the first person (in English), geared to 5 - 11 year olds, but
interesting to the whole family, "Families of Thailand" is award-winning
Each video is a "day in the life" type video, seeing each the child
(usually one family lives in the city and one in a rural area) wake up,
eat breakfast, go to school, etc. They are narrated in first person, by
children (in English).  Each video has a title like "Families in Sweden"
Families in India" , etc.  Some public libraries have them. The "Families in
Thailand" was award-winning

Xpedition Hall -- interactive geography "adventures" from Marco Polo

The Food Timeline - food throughout the ages

miniature earth -- a short video clip shows what proportion of humanity fall
into various ethnic, religious, and economic categories

History of Video Games by PBS -- trace the roots, from 1952 on

Time Ticker -- see what time it is in different time zones
Timeline Clock -- an interesting way to display the time

Ice festival: Harbin, China -- amazing ice and snow sculptures

Africam Wildlife by Wavelit TV -- a live webcam of Nkorho Pan, a natural
water hole in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, in South Africa

Paula's Archives -- lists of literature and movies for learning about history
and science

NGA Classroom -- online tutorials integrating art into other subject areas,
such as science, math, and social studies,  from the National Gallery of Art

Teaching With the News -- (7 - 12) part of the Choices Program from
Brown University, international current events are discussed and evaluated
using study guides that pertain to the history of the region involved, some
online curriculum and discussion ideas are available for free but the study
guides must be purchased, reportedly presents multiple viewpoints  

Teaching Company Video Lecture Series - great social studies courses
taught by great teachers (Ivy League, Stanford, Georgetown, etc.), these
are not flashy or fast-paced... just really good lectures, available on DVD,
video, audiotape, and CD

Teaching with Movies -- take a look at popular American fashion, culture,
values, music, choreography, and humor in America, from 1927 to 2006 --
The American Film Industry's 100 Funniest American Movies  and
The AFI 100 Greatest Movies of All Time and AFI's Greatest Movie
Musicals -- you can make every night movie night!

UCCP Open Access College Prep -- free online AP courses, including US
Government, US History, Psychology , use as prep for taking AP tests
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