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The Homeschool Diner Guide to
Science Resources for Homeschoolers

Self-Directed Learning Opportunities in Science

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Fun and Interesting science resources for kids to explore...

Free Online Resources - explanations of how various objects, and processes,
and concepts work

How Products are Made - written explanations with diagrams -- an assortment of interesting articles and links to
government and educational websites

…OLogy – science activities for ages 7 – 12

Zoom.Sci – science and engineering activities

Wired Science Blog -- presents a variety of science topics

SciMan Says -- an online activity from Scolastic, students conduct online
research to answer a science-related question within 4 clues

Wayne’s Word – on-line textbook of natural history

Science of Cooking reading list -- great books for teens

E2Science -- and interesting collection of science topics and links

Household Products Database -- health and safety info from the US
National Institute of Health - Random Knowledge Generator - picks, at random, various
science questions and answers  

Human Body And Mind Surveys from BBC Science and Nature -- quizzes
and surveys test attitudes and responses, psychology and sociology

High School Biology in Your Home -- an independent research
approach to high school biology, no textbook provided, students find info on
websites, in old textbooks, and using primary sources

Connexions by Rice University  -  contains educational materials in all
subjects for all levels, from children to college students to professional.  
Information is organized in small modules that stand alone or can be  easily
connected into larger courses.  Connexions is an innovative environment for
collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly
content on the Web.  All content is free.  

On-line Science e-Magazines

National Geographic
NASA Space Place
NOAA Ocean Explorer
The Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
Engineer’s Week
Earth and Sky KIDS
World of Science Encyclopedia   
Extreme Science
Beyond Discovery
Future Horizens
The Green Geek
Live Physics
Nanotechnology Now
MSNBC Tech/Science Page
Chemical & Engineering Science (cover articles are free)
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