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On-Line Enrichment Ideas – Science

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Re-published with permission.  [First version originally published in the January/March
issue of the "MCGT Outlook", the bi-monthly newsletter of the Minnesota Council of the
Gifted and Talented, Vol.28, No.2]

Trying to work a bit more science into your child’s curriculum?  Whether
you're looking to spark an interest, or encourage a passion… the Internet is
a great place to find science enrichment for all ages!

Share the joys of science with your child – sit down and check out a few of
these fun and educational websites together… :-)

“Chock-Full-O-Science” Sites for All Ages – all kinds of science
…OLogy – science activities for ages 7 – 12
Zoom.Sci – science and engineering activities
Wired Science Blog -- presents a variety of science topics
Wayne’s Word – on-line textbook of natural history
World of Science Encyclopedia   

Great Sites for Specific Interests

Brain POP and Brain Pop Jr -- amusing animated videos on a variety of
topics (lots of science & technology!), click "Free Movies" or try a free trial

The Electronic Naturalist – free nature units (K-3 and 4-8)
What's That Bug? -- a website by two film artists who are bug enthusiasts -
a collection of wonderful photos with informative captions [note: there are
many examples of mating bugs and cannibalism, so if that is a concern for
you, I suggest screening which pages your child views]

The Guardian Science Course -- a free online series of articles from a
British periodical covering popular science topics (6th grade and up)

Journey North – a global study of wildlife migration

The Mysteries of Catalhoyuk – interactive archeological dig

NetFrog Virtual Dissection – less gross than real life

Cells Alive – microscopic views and interactive models

American Field Guide -- short PBS videos on different US ecosystems,
animals, plants, etc

NHC Anatomy and Physiology Interactive Tutorials -- a great list of links
to various resources – intro to chemistry made fun
The Periodic Table of Videos -- Martyn Poliakoff, a research professor at
the University of Nottingham and a pioneer in the field of green chemistry,
narrates short, but very interesting, videos describing each element
The Visual Elements Periodic Table – cool flash version
The Comic Book Periodic Table of Elements -- fun :-)

Anatomy of a Firework and the Pyrotechnics Table of Elements --
learn about the role different elements make in the color, burning, and
special effects of fireworks

Edheads Simple Machines – pulleys, wedges, etc.

Scratch -- a free download from MITof a new programming language that
lets you create your own interactive stories, games, music, and art, website
includes kid-friendly tutorials and "facilitorials", aimed at grades 3 - 8

Snowflakes and Snow Crystals --  by Kenneth G. Libbrecht of Caltech

NASA Jet Propulsion Labs Solar System
The Official String Theory Website by Patricia Schwarz
Particle Adventure – learn about particle physics
Oxford Center for Quantum Computation – click on “Tutorials” in the
sidebar for some mind-boggling physics

Immune Attack -- free download foreducational game introducing basic  
human immunology to high school and entry-level college students

Engineering and Technology

BRIO Virtual Track Builder -- build a virtual railroad (point, click, drag)
Animated Engines – cutaways for 19 different engines
Building Big – interactive engineering labs
Super Stacker -- stack a variety of blocks so they don't fall over...
SodaPlay Constructor – make and animate wire-frame models
Fantastic Contraption -- a wonderful game where each level challenges
you to build a contraption that will deliver the payload to its destination,
many free levels available, also offers a members- only section
Light-Bot -- win by programming a robot to turn on blue lights

Breaking Through: The Creative Engineer
Engineering Faster Bikes -- interview with design engineers
Designing Stronger Skateboards -- interview with designer
Designing Phones --interviews with designers and engineers
Communications Satellites -- interview with engineer
The Space Sling -- novel way to launch payloads

Just For Fun
Meet the Elements by They Might be Giants--an animated YouTube video
The Element Song – click on “dial-up” or “broadband”
We Will Rock You -- animated video where "water" kids demo properties
Singing Science Records
The Large Hadron Rap -- a great description of physics research
Synchronized Swimming Mitosis -- clever pool demo
Counting Feathers and I Collect Rocks -- Al Simmons on YouTube
Water Cycle Jump -- Bill Nye the Science Guy video
Rocks Rock Harder -- Bill Nye the Science Guy video
AstroCappella: Doppler Shifting -- a funny song about speeding and the
Doppler Effect on sound and light, click "Listen to the Song" in the sidebar
Scientists for Better PCR -- an ad selling polymerase chain reaction
equipment for testing DNA
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

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