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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Science Resources

Science Curriculum Options: Programs, Units,
Modules, and Worktexts

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006, 2007

Both Secular and Christian-focused, ranging from pricey... to free...

Traditional Science Curriculum (K- 8th)

TOPScience -- (K - 12) hands-on science experiments and math activities,
easy to use, good for parents or students with science anxiety, their new
Lentil Science and Get a Grip units are lots of fun.

Noeo Homeschool Science Curriculum -- (K - 6) literature-based
science units with accompanying lab experiment kits, use real books
available from the library (but offered for sale on the website), the kits,
called "
The Young Scientist Club Experiment Kits", come with a parent's
guide and activities correlate with the books, but can be bought and used
separately, aligned with Charlotte Mason philosophy,  the curriculum does
not include Bible verses or Creationist teachings   

Building  Foundations of Scientific Understanding by Dr. Bernard J.
Nebel -- uses inquiry-based learning to address all areas of science at a K-
2 grade level, complete curriculum also integrates other subject areas.
There is a Yahoo! Group,
K5science, for parent support.  Also available--
Nebel’s Elementary Education: Creating A Tapestry of Learning which
covers K-5 for all subject areas

Apologia -- Christian-focused high school science program, also offers
several creationist texts for all ages, conversational style text appeals to
those without much science background/interest, choice of books or CD-
Rom text, no tests

Real Science 4 Kids -- (4-12) three levels of chemistry, biology, and
physics units for elementary, middle, and high school, textbooks cover high-
level concepts in a kid-friendly, conversational tone, offers lab manuals for
high-interest experiments that correspond to text (using household
supplies), each experiment concludes with a list of words to be defined,  Mid-
term and end-of-year exams, included

REAL Science -- (grades1-4) a homeschool curriculum designed to be
used  with Classical Education, two volumes, Life and Earth Science, include
a conversational text, hands-on lab activities along with background science
information, reading lists, journaling ideas, not Christian-focused

Castle Heights Press -- elementary and middle school science units
(some Christian-focused, some not), high school science worktexts, lab
science manuals, students can work independently, designed for kids who
like science

Rainbow Science -- this is Christian-focused junior high science program
(7th and 8th grades) that covers physics, chemistry, and biology (covers,
but does not support the theory of evolution), incorporates intelligent design
arguments, this program is often used as part of The Well-Trained Mind
approach, it has been
reviewed by Susan Wise Bauer.

Spectrum Science -- this is Christian-focused high science program that
currently offers only chemistry (physics and biology will follow), incorporates
intelligent design arguments, this program is often used as part of The Well-
Trained Mind approach, from the makers of Rainbow Science (above).  

Exploration Education -- hands-on science program for K-3rd and 4-8th

Home Science Adventures -- K - 8 hands-on, discovery-based science
kits, includes equipment and lesson plans

AIMS Education Foundation --  standards-aligned science and math
teaching modules/student activity books for grades K - 6, other books and
hands-on activities for K - 9, includes two LEGO DACTA activity kits, some
activities and be purchased and downloaded separately, free sample
activities  for download, great for individual use or with learning co-ops  

Ed Adventures Online -- a subscription program with hands-on science
modules, including two that use Lego's.

Mark Twain Media (a division of Carson-Dellosa Publishing) -- grades 4-
8+ inexpensive science workbooks and work texts, and lab work texts

Alpha Omega LIFEPAC Science --  work text units by subject and grade
level, offers videos of actual science experiments, can be used separately
or as part of the complete Christian curriculum offered by AO

BJU Press K-12 science curriculum--  this is a Christ-centered school-at-
home type curriculum from Bob Jones University, includes teacher's book,
student text, student notebook, and tests, science kits/materials extra  Their
complete homeschool catalog is available online from a
new website set
up just for homeschoolers!

Kendall-Hunt Publishers -- (K-12) standards-alligned learning modules
for all subjects, hands-on activity-based science units, modules available for
purchase individually

Rader's - a subscription website for science tutorials

Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No
Lecture by Robert Thompson. Includes AP Chemistry Labs.  [Chemistry:
The Central Science, Ninth Edition by Theodore L. Brown is a good AP
Chemistry companion text]

Model Chem Lab -- interactive software that simulates lab experiments,
many labs offered -- here is one set, as
an example

Chemistry I - online course using Model Chem Lab virtual lab software,
thru the Florida  Virtual School, other subjects available

Biology Labs Online -- a series of interactive, inquiry-based biology
simulations and exercises designed for college and AP high school biology

Kinetic Books: Physics and AP Physics -- three levels of online physics
texts (geared to classroom use but OK for homeschoolers), plus virtual labs.
Includes animation, activities and games to learn concepts:
Conceptual Physics: Clearly presents the concepts without stressing the
 Principles of Physics: Requires algebra and trigonometry
to apply the equations presented (appropriate for those taking the AP/B
Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Requires an understanding
of calculus (appropriate for those taking the AP/C exam)

Free Online Curriculum and Other Resources

Math/Science Nucleus -- free K-12 science curriculum, includes lesson
plans, online animated storybooks, slide shows

Windows to the Universe -- (K - 12)  free online tutorials, activities,
coloring pages, etc. on Earth and Space science, includes art, poetry and
myths  related to the sun and planets

Middle School Science -- free online resources and lesson plans for
activities, projects and experiments

The Science House -- free online experiments for Middle School science,
designed by NC State University

Pre-University Chemistry Course by the University of Oxford -- includes
free online text and virtual labs
Virtual Chemistry from the University of Oxford -- free online chemistry
labs, webcasts, and video libraries, high school level and up
The Chemistry Collective by Carnegie Mellon University -- free online
collection of virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, and concept
tests for use as pre-labs, homework, and in-class activities
The World of Chemistry -- free online video series, 26 half-hour
programs, coordinated book and lab manual available for purchase

Basic Concepts in Geology -- a tutorial from NASA

The BGS Geological Time Chart -- click on a time period for more info  

Global Stratotype Sections -- lists the geologica time scale and names
specific rock formations that are of that age

Stanford Computer Science Library -- free online tutorials, videos and
applets for learning about computer science

Young Epidemiology Students -- (9-12) free down-loadable teaching
units on epidemiology and other biology topics, also an annual  student

Merlin Science -- offers Chemistry, Astronomy, and Genetics courses on
CD-Rom, high level science materials presented in a way that even young
teens will enjoy. Used by a few schools, too. Samples available to view.

NIH Curriculum Supplement Series -- (K - 12) 2-week modules with
lesson plans and activities,ranging from tooth-brushing to cellular biology

UCMP K - 12  by the University of California Museum of Paleontology --
web-based educational modules and online resources to help students  to
investigate and understand the history of life, the fossil record, evolution,
and the diversity of the Earth's biota

I.Science MaTe by the Math/Science Nucleus -- (K - 10) free online kid-
friendly tutorials on various science topics, short and illustrated with photos

Virtual Text -- (9 - 12) biology web modules and online texts, some free
some subscription

Amazing Space -- free online tutorials and activities from the Space
Telescope Science Institute (the Hubble Space Telescope)

The Physics Classroom -- free online physics tutorials written at high
school level

CoAST -- free modules for studying marine and coastal environments

Scratch -- a free download from MITof a new programming language that
lets you create your own interactive stories, games, music, and art, website
includes kid-friendly tutorials and "facilitorials", aimed at grades 3 - 8

The Official String Theory Website by Patricia Schwarz

Try Engineering -- free lesson plans for ages 8 to 18

Eyes on the Skies -- a children's astronomy tutorial with activities, from

Underwater Archaeology -- visit dive sites around the world

The Lesson Plans Page -- thousands of free lesson plans on all subjects,
including science and computers

Teachnology -- over 25,000 free lesson plans on all subjects, including
science and computers

Rader's Chem4Kids -- free online chemistry tutorials and activities for kids
Rader's Biology4kids -- free online biology tutorials and activities for kids

Food and Nutrition -- an extensive website that discusses all aspects of
food, nutrition, food processing, the food industry, food additives, and
agriculture, from the University of Saskatchewan

High School Biology in Your Home -- an independent research
approach to high school biology, no textbook provided, students find info on
websites, in old textbooks, and using primary sources

The World of Chemistry -- free online video series, 26 half-hour
programs, coordinated book and lab manual available for purchase

National Repository of Online Classes: AP -- free, self-study, online AP
courses in science, math, and history

UCCP Open Access College Prep -- free online AP courses, including
simulated labs for science classes, use as prep for taking AP tests

Connexions by Rice University  --  contains educational materials in all
subjects for all levels, from children to college students to professional.  
Information is organized in small modules that stand alone or can be  easily
connected into larger courses.  Connexions is an innovative environment for
collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly
content on the Web.  All content is free.
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