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The Homeschool Diner Guide to
Science Resources for Homeschoolers

Audio-Visual Science Materials

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright, 2006

Movies, video on demand, DVDs, and audio cassettes of science topics...   

Science Interactives free online tutorials from Annenberg Media

The Magic School Bus -- website from Scholastic includes free fun
science lab activities, games and video clips, episode guide, DVDs for sale  
The 90 Second Naturalist -- short podcasts on nature topics
Windows to the Universe -- (K - 12)  free online tutorials, activities,
coloring pages, etc. on Earth and Space science, includes art, poetry and
myths  related to the sun and planets

The Discovery Channel Store -- DVDs on many science topics, take a
look at the "Myth Busters" series (on DVD or in current programming)  for
fun investigative science topics
The Elements from Discovery Channel School -- a clever and artsy  
approach to learning about elements, includes poems by Roger McGough

Nye Labs -- home of Bill Nye the Science Guy, free downloads for home
demo activities, episode guide, DVDs for sale thru link to Disney

Brain Pop - thousands of educational animated cartoon segments on
topics in all subject areas, lots of science, humorous and fast-paced,
subscription, free trial available

Science Storybooks by the Math/cience Nucleus -- (K-10) free online
stories that explain science concepts, short, fast-paced, click and read

Elemental Hangman -- what element is it?
Science Hangman Game -- choose what terms are included!

Lyrical Learning -- promoting scientific literacy thru song

Joy of Science -- a video lecture by Robert Hazen , George Mason
University, from The Teaching Company

NGA Classroom -- online tutorials integrating art into other subject areas,
such as science, math, and social studies,  from the National Gallery of Art

I.Science MaTe by the Math/Science Nucleus -- (K - 10) free online  
kid-friendly tutorials on various science topics, short, illustrated with photos

Ein-O Science -- science games and science clips, science kits (this is a  
Flash website and each page is slow to download)  kits can be found thru
other vendors, too

Periodic Spiral -- downloadable software that provides and intersctive
model of the periodic table of elements, arranged in a novel spiral form
Interactives DNA -- from Annenberg Media and
Space Movies and TV Shows -- documentaries and SciFi
Google Moon -- zoom in and fly over Apollo landing sites
Google Earth -- "combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of
Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips"

Learn the night sky -- a great short tutorial on how to find three
constellations and Jupiter!

World Sunlight Map -- "...Watch the sun rise and set all over the world on
this real-time, computer-generated map of the earth..."
The Earth's Timeline -- animation of the Earth's changing land masses
from Paleozoic to Cenozoic

Explorations Through Time -- interactive tutorials on the fossil record
and evolution from the University of California Museum of Paleontology

Virtual Oil Well from the American Geological Institute

Teaching Company Video Lecture Series - great science courses
taught by great teachers (Ivy League, Stanford, Georgetown, etc.), these
are not flashy or fast-paced... just really good lectures, available on DVD,
video, audiotape, and CD

Stanford Computer Science Library -- free online tutorials, videos and
applets for learning about computer science

Standard Deviants - (6 - 12) fun, humorous, fast-paced educational
overviews of various topics, great for review and as refreshers

Songs for Teaching -- educational songs for science topics, free sample
clips, pay for downloads

Online Video Clips, Photos, Applets, and Tutorials

The Large Hadron Rap -- a great description of physics research
Anatomy of a Detector --  for colliding particles at Fermilab
AstroCappella: Doppler Shifting -- a funny song about speeding and the
Doppler Effect on sound and light, read the
lyrics, too :-)
The Physics of Superheros a video clip of Dr. Jim Kakalios at a
CONvergence (sci-fi / fantasy convention) discussing an excerpt of his book
Ruben's Tube -- video clip, flaming sound waves.

Dissecting a Chicken Wing -- video clip, and a lesson plan by Liz Inman
another lesson plan from to guide your student
Monarch Butterfly USA - a great photo documentary of the life cycle of a
monarch, written for younger kids but good for all ages
We Will Rock You -- animated video with "water" kids, a clever way to
present the properties of water and the water cycle
AfriCam Wildlife by Wavelit TV -- a live webcam of Nkorho Pan, a natural
water hole in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, in South Africa

Scratch -- a free download from MITof a new programming language that
lets you create your own interactive stories, games, music, and art, website
includes kid-friendly tutorials and "facilitorials", aimed at grades 3 - 8

WebMonkey HTML Basics  and  W3 School HTML Tutorial  and Basic
HTML Tutorial  --  learn how to build websites

WebMonkey -- lots of resources, reviews, and tutorials for web developers

Exhibition of High Speed Photography -- amazing stop-action photos
The Elegant Universe from NOVA -- the entire series online for free

Kung-Fu Science -- video clip, physics of breaking boards with your hand
Secret Worlds: The Universe Within by Nikon MicroscopyU -- video clip,
move your point of view  from the Universe to the cells and atoms of a leaf
The Simpson's Version of "The Universe Within"
The Virtual Rat by Nikon MicroscopyU -- thin sections of rat tissues and
discussion of biological and historical information about rats

Burgers'n Fries -- thin sections and history of fast food ingredients
The Visible Body -- an amazing interactive 3D model of the body systems,
where you download and explore each system individually.  it is "designed
to deliver the level of detail necessary to teach a college-level Anatomy
and Physiology course".  Currently, only the female model is available (a
"G-rated" version is in development, but till then, don't download the
Integumentary and Reproductive systems if you wish to avoid their
"anatomically correct" male and female models ;-) Free registration is
required to use the site
Virtual Autopsy -- developed by med students at the Univ. of Leicester
Cell Biology Animations by John Kyrk -- cell structures and molecules

My Physics Lab -- interactive simulations with supporting calculations
Starship Dimensions by Jeff Russell -- compares relative sizes of fictional
starcraft to each other, The Hindenburg, Eiffel Tower, Apollo craft, etc.
The Woods Smell of Shampoo by Koert -- a full-length documentary
exploring the effects of media experiences on our consciousness

Anatomy of a Black Hole -- interactive tutorial
Nate's Time Fountain -- amazing strobe light application
Senses Challenge -- test your perception skills, from the BBC
Multi-touch Interactive Research by Jeff Hahn

Map of the Known Universe by Sébastien Chevrel -- a 3d projection
based on real astronomical data taking the viewer through a journey
between the brightest stars in the nightsky
Particle Simulation by Sébastien Chevrel -- play with physical forces
Resonata -- a Wave Machine by Fergus Ray Murray

For more audio-visual science resources check out
Online Science Enrichment page
"I believe that education is all about being excited about something.
Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message."
-- Steve Irwin (1962 - 2006), Australian naturalist
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