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Help Me Teach Math!

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Advice and support, good books, how-to's, and free look-up websites...

The Math Teacher's Ten Commandments  

Math Anxiety Reduction by Robert Hackworth -- this online course might
be the answer if you have an older student who is seriously uptight about
learning math... or if you, the homeschooling parent, truly fear math and
worry about passing this aversion on to your kids... I haven't used this
resource, but it sounds good -- if you decide to try it out, please let me
know if it helped :-)   

A Visual and Tactile Method of Teaching Addition and Subtraction
-- a 13 minute video by Dr. Caroline Kyle, uses homemade manipulatives

Teen-friendly Flash Cards -- these have great visuals to help remember
math facts, created by a teacher, Joel Harrison, in Orange County, CA

Math Lessons and Teaching Tips by Maria Miller at -- advice on teaching dozens of concepts

Ask Dr. Math -- for the answers to all your math questions, search the
archive or submit a new question, by the Math Forum @ Drexel University,
also hosts several math discussion groups for parents and educators

Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra from The Math Forum at Drexel --
covers concepts that students need to understand well before tackling
algebra, includes multiple explanations to reach different types of learners
(exponents, absolute value, graphing, orders of operation, square roots,
distance/rate/time problems, and much, much more)

Insights into Algebra 1: Teaching for Learning -- free online Video on
Demand segments show math teachers successfully teaching several
algebra concepts.

Algebra Solved -- a software series from that lets you enter
the specific equations you're having trouble with and it will solve them for
you, showing you the solution steps.  Available in 4 levels, provides
unlimited practice problems, too.  Great tool for non-mathy parents who
are trying to help their student learn algebra! ;-)  But wait!  Here's a free
online program that does much the same thing --
Quick Math Automatic
Math Solutions -- I suggest giving the free tool a try to see if it works well
enough for you and your student

Why is high school geometry so hard? by Maria Miller -- describes
what level of understanding a student needs before he or she is capable
of doing formal geometric proofs... and how we can help prepare students

Is Your Math Curriculum Coherent? by Maria Miller at

East Meets West: Fundamental Differences in Math Teaching -- a
review of Liping Ma's "Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics"
(see below) by Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide

Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers'
Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the
by Liping Ma --  with this book you will be able to really answer your child's
questions about borrowing/regrouping in subtraction, why we invert and
multiply to divide... and many other important basic concepts in arithmetic.  
You won't have to say , "That's just how it is done, so memorize it!", like  
your teacher probably said to you.  Especially helpful for students who
must know the big picture of *why* to understand (
whole-to-part and
visual-spatial learners).  Essential for children who show a lot of interest
or ability in math (
math gifted) to give them a firm foundation of

From a review --"...Adding more `higher math' to our training really would
not help us teach arithmetic. We lack deep knowledge of "fundamental
mathematics".... what we need to do is to dig deeper ... to discover that
there is much more to understand about such fundamental concepts."

Teaching Math Through Culture -- learn how different modern and
ancient cultures have used math, includes applets for math in each section

Drawing Art into the Equation by Jenn Shreve

ExploreLearning -- hundreds of math (and science) concepts are
explained with short video clips ("Gizmos"), subscription service, free trial

Math Tools -- from The Math Forum @ Drexel University, a community
digital library of software for mathematics education created to encourage
and help educators use technology in the teaching math, free but
registration required

Origami & Math -- how to teach these together

A View from the Back of an Envelope -- "rough and ready" exercises in
math thinking and calculation

Fermi Questions by Math Forum

Top 100 Theorems in Math -- 500 BC to present, from Stevens Inst Tech

Plus Magazine -- living mathematics, articles aim to introduce readers to
the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics

Where do I start?  If you are looking for a math curriculum... check out
the Diner's  
A Sampling of Popular Math Curriculum  there you will find
all sorts of programs for all kinds of students.  If you are looking for
alternative resources to teach or reinforce separate math skills... take a
look at  
Other Math Resources and Many Ways to Practice Math
Skills (including math facts).  If you have a child who is gifted in math,
take a look at
Gifted Options for homeschoolers.

Serious trouble with math?  Could it be Dyscalculia?

Is your Visual-Spatial Learner having trouble with math?
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