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Math for Homeschoolers

Many Ways to Practice Math Facts
and Other Skills

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Fun Ways to Practice Math Facts

Multiflyer - correct fuel your space ship (click “play on-line”)
Math Majong -- a "less-frantic" free online math game to practice math
facts from Sheppard Software, also
 Multiples Frenzy (a shooting game)
Mutliplication Tunnel Blaster -- blast your way thru barriers
Cyber Challenge -- how many math facts can you do in 60 seconds?, start
your own "personal best" column, great for kids who like to "race"

Timez Attack -- for purchase from Big Brainz, a 3D RPG game where you
use math facts to open locked doors and battle ogres, free demo available - Multiplication Tunnel Blaster -- Math Mayhem
A+Math – three games for math facts (add/sub/mult/div)
BBC SkillsWise – many games for basic skills (K-12) -- sells various products to help with math, also has
collected many free multiplication games to play online
FunBrain Math Arcade -- (1st - 6th) all sorts of math games

Math Games -- a list from the Living Math website

24 math game --  given 4 numbers, get 24 using any combo of addition,
subtraction, division, or multiplication (can use regular deck of cards)

Mythmatical Battles -- a mythology trading card type game that requires
players to use math facts to calculate attack strength, damage, etc.,

That Quiz -- simple timed quizzes, gives number wrong, right, time used -- "Games to improve your math skills" -- no online
games, but a great run-down of what's available out there in "Gameville"

School House Rock -- their award-winning "Multiplication Rock" songs
have been helping kids since the 70's, skip-counting songs and more

Times Tales -- memorize the times tables with picture stories (mnemonics)

Times Tables and Addition The Fun Way by City Creek --  memorize
math facts with a storybook (each number is a character in the story),
pictures and stories allow the students to associate a mental image with the
math fact, storybook, workbook, audio tapes sold separately, good for
students who aren't successful with rote memorization

Brownie Skip Counter and Math Multi-Pies -- creative hands-on math
fun from The Toy Maker (also lots of fold-able paper shapes)

Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables with Dazzling Patterns,
Grids, and Tricks by Eugenia Francis -- designed to help students
memorize multiplication facts by having them count groups of objects, fill in
grids, complete equations, and note patterns, sample pages online

Shut the Box -- a dice game where players roll two dice, trying to match
the numbers on tiles, the two numbers rolled can be used in any way
(separately, added, subtracted, divided, or multiplied) to try to match the
remaining tiles, can also be played with home-made numbered pieces of
paper, or with playing cards (where jacks are 11 and queens are 12)

Teen-friendly Flash Cards -- these have great visuals to help remember
math facts, created by a teacher, Joel Harrison, in Orange County, CA

Calculation Tips -- fun and cool tips and tricks using math facts, from the
Math Forum at Drexel University

Times Trick -- an interesting multiplication method to mull over

Some kids have a terrible time remembering math facts.  For some,  
the reason is that they are visual-spatial learners -- check out the
Diner section on
Homeschooling V-S Learners for more info.  

Worksheets and Drills for Practicing Skills -- (1st - 6th) free worksheet generators   

Math Skills Trainer -- free online timed drills in addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division

MathMatic -- downloadable software for several types of drills and
worksheet generators, free limited version available to try out

Math Worksheets World -- free math worksheet-maker (subscribing gives
access to many more worksheets).

Rainforest Maths -- free online (fun) interactive worksheets (K - 6)

Fraction Summaries -- nice reference pages to help remember procedures

Fun Ways to Practice Other Math Skills Change Maker – be an international cashier

Shop Till You Drop -- practice mental math in a shopping game (in English
pounds, but the idea is the same :-) Connect the Dots –number practice for pre-K/K, including
“by 2’s”, etc (on-line and printable)

The Number Balance - teddy bears on a see-saw show addition

Number Clothesline -- hang shirts in increasing order, 1 - 10, odds, evens

Animal Count -- counting fun for preschoolers

Bobble -- get three in a row of the same color to clear away bobbles

Dot to Dot -- from ABCTeach (scroll down past the ads to find even more!)

Math Cat’s Crafts– symmetry, geostringart, etc (PreK-6th)

The Coin-U-Lator -- a hand-held game that teachers coin recognition,
adding and subtracting money thru games

Aunty Math - K - 5 math challenges from the Dupage Children's Museum

ABC LearnOnline Count on Us– great math games for pre-K/K

3-D Maze -- use the arrow keys and space bar to navigate thru a maze

FunBrain Math Arcade -- (1st - 6th) all sorts of math games

Tackle Math Ball -- choose teams and play a free 5 minute game, solve
math  equations to gain yardage, addition, subtraction, and multiplication

Football Math -- a free lesson plan for middle school or higher   

Learning from Baseball -- from, links to lesson plans,
websites, and online games that center on baseball, focus on math,
science, or history... or create your own Baseball Unit  Study

Franklin Institute On-line - open-ended problem solving

Abacus - interactive tutor, history, applications

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - all operations

Fraction Shapes by Cynthia Lanius -- fractions don't have to be pie-
shaped! Have fun working with other shapes

Probabilities in the game of Monopoly -- play to win

RainForest Math -- (K - 6th) free online review of concepts skills practice

Fun Mathematics Lessons by Cynthia Lanius

Songs for Teaching -- educational math songs, many topics, free sample
clips, pay for downloads

Number Balls for Roman numerals

Rags to Riches -- solve easy algebra equations to "win" money

Number Balls for  Algebra 1 --a fast-paced algebra game
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