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Where to Find Reviews of Math Curriculum

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

A listing of some homeschool review websites.  Most of them review all
the subject areas, not just math.

Most curriculum vendors include a few reviews on their website.  These
can give you some insight into what the company sees as important
points about their curriculum... but, to get a real view of how a program
works in real life, with real kids, it is very helpful to read what other
parents have to say.  

When you read about what did and didn't work well for a particular family,
you can think about whether or not that same issue would affect your
family.  For example, while one reviewer may complain that a program
doesn't provide enough repetition... and another may applaud the
program for avoiding "drill and kill" methods.  Parent reviews are also a
good way to learn about program details that may not be mentioned in
the general curriculum descriptions.  

Another great thing about Math Curriculum Reviews?  If you aren't happy
with the sampling of math curriculum presented on this (or any) website
--  you'll be happy to see the multitude of options out there!  If you find
another product that you are particularly pleased with -- please bring it to
my attention and I will consider adding it to my list :-) : Math Curriculum Guide  -- Maria Miller, a
homeschool mom and former school math teacher, has some very helpful
reviews on curriculum and other products, and has some interesting
articles on teaching and learning about math.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine :  Mathematics -- a large number of
very helpful reviews

Cathy Duffy Reviews : Math and Math Supplements -- Cathy gives
detailed reviews on products, and covers many subject areas.  The only
annoying part is that reviews of her favorite (Top 100) products aren't
included on her website -- you'll have to buy her book to read them.   

Homeschool Reviews :  Mathematics -- This website is a sort of open
forum for reviews.  There are often multiple reviews by different parents
for each product.  It is helpful to read positive reviews and also reviews
from those who weren't happy with the products.

Homeschooling from the Heart :  Math -- Homechool mom, Cindy,
gives nice helpful reviews, as do her guest reviewers

Mathematically Correct :  Math Program Reviews and Information
-- the Mathematically Correct website advocates a "Back to Basics"
approach to math.  They provide reviews of math programs and books
typically used in school -- homeschoolers who are interested in using
school texts can sometimes purchase these new from the publishers, or
can find them on e-Bay and used textbook vendors.

Living Math! : Math Resources Reviews -- homeschooling mom, Julie

AHomeschoolReview -- online support group for reviews