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Math for Homeschoolers

Fun Alternative Resources for Teaching Math

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

A lot of "less schooly" approaches to teaching math...

Some Hands-On Resources

Nerdy Baby 1 2 3 Flash Cards and Prime Number Counting Chart
Pre-K Math Rod Activities
Base 10 Blocks -- free online virtual math rod activities

Brownie Skip Counter and Math Pies -- hands-on math from The Toy
Maker, also lots of fold-able paper shapes

Math Cat’s Crafts – symmetry, geostringart, etc (PreK-6th)
Hand Made Manipulatives -- print out, color, and cut out

The Coin-U-Lator -- a hand-held game that teachers coin recognition,
adding and subtracting money thru games
The Number Balance - teddy bears on a see-saw show addition

Family Math by Jean Kerr Stanmark, Family Math for Young Children by
Jean Kerr Stanmark, and Family Math: The Middle School Years by Karen
Mayfield-Ingram -- fun hands-on activities for informal learning of math, the
first book is a "homeschool classic" and covers K - 8th

Fun and Creative Math Curriculum

Maths with Baa Baa Black Sheep -- nursery rhymes that teach math
concepts, available from Singapore Math and readily found used
Playing Fraction Pies -- play a tune using fraction pie slices instead of
whole notes, quarter notes, etc.
Using Legos in 6th grade math -- lots of fun of ideas

Chameleon Graphing by  Ursula Whitcher at Math Forum @Drexel -- a fun
way to learn about graphing points, lines, coordinates, etc., includes the
history of mapping using plane geometry

School House Rock -- their award-winning "Multiplication Rock" songs
have been helping kids since the 70's, skip-counting songs and more
Songs for Teaching Mathematics -- "using music to promote learning"
CDs available for purchase, samples of songs free online

Visual Manna -- supplement your study of history, English, geography,
math, the Bible, and science thru art, other art curriculum for several age
groups and topics also available, techniques include following the steps to
correctly draw animals, reproducing the shading and coloring techniques of
given works, and using a grid to copy drawings, sample lessons online

Noble Knights of Knowledge -- an ungraded resource that covers
material commonly taught in grades 1 - 4, can also be used with younger
kids for enrichment, or as a supplement for older kids who need review to
improve their base of understanding, a story-based math program
centered around a Medieval castle, uses themed props and story boards
to explain math concepts, uses some multi-sensory techniques, looks fun ;-)

Times Tales -- memorize the times tables with picture stories (mnemonics)
Times Tables and Addition The Fun Way by City Creek --  memorize
math facts with a storybook (each number is a character in the story),
pictures and stories allow the students to associate a mental image with the
math fact, storybook, workbook, audio tapes sold separately, good for
students who aren't successful with rote memorization

Teaching The Right Brain Child by Dianne Craft MA CNHP of Child
Diagnostics -- manual, videos, and flashcards (sold separately), a former
homeschool mom and special ed teacher helps parents learn how to use
Right Brain Strategies to teach their children  Math, Reading, Phonics, Sight
Words, Spelling, Vocabulary, Following Directions, and Study Skills. Her
website is rather bare bones... here is a description of
her program.

Geometry Through Art by Norman Shapiro -- free lesson plans, downloads
The Geometry of Perspective Drawing on the Computer by Andrejs
Treibergs -- a high school level tutorial

Math in Fashion -- weaving pattern calls for use of the quadratic equation!

Math & Music -- teaches the basics of Middle School level math by
integrating it with Music, Physics, and History.

Sports Math Series by Good Year Books -- (4th - 8th) Basketball Math,
Baseball Math, Football Math, and Racing Math,  multiple activities and
projects encourage use of computational skills, data analysis and probability

Math Doesn't Suck -- humorous book aimed at middle school girls

Fun Math Lesson Plans -- for all grades, such as one called "Barbie
Bungee" which teaches linear functions and slope, from the NCTM

Foundations in Personal Finance: Homeschool Pack by Dave Ramsey
-- empowers students to make sound financial decisions for life

Games, Puzzles, and Activities -- "Games to improve your math skills" -- no online
games, but a great run-down of what's available out there in "Gameville"

Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks -- (K - 12) dice and card games of all sorts
to teach math skills

great strategy games that teach abstract skills such as planning and
considering alternatives, no reading required so suitable for all ages

Check out the many Fun Ways to Practice Math Facts and Other Sills on
the Diner
Math Skills Practice Page, includes links to free online games

Mathmania Magazine from Highlights --  offered as a magazine
subscription, or a
set of books, each issue has a variety of puzzles for ages
7 and up (some easy, some harder)

Dr Funster's Quick Thinks Math from the Critical Thinking Company -- a
series of workbooks (levels A,B,C) with math puzzles to encourage logical
thinking and practice using math in fun ways (grades 2-12), available for
purchase online or thru local distributors, and thru conference vendors  

Family Math by Jean Kerr Stanmark, Family Math for Young Children by
Jean Kerr Stanmark, and Family Math: The Middle School Years by Karen
Mayfield-Ingram -- fun hands-on activities for informal learning of math, the
first book is a "homeschool classic" and covers K - 8th

Syvum Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles -- free online activities

Puzzle Corner -- over 100 strategy puzzles arranged by type of puzzle,
from the AIMS Education Foundation

K-12 Math Puzzles from the Math Forum at Drexel University

Wu : Riddles by William Wu at Berkley -- a great collection of math and
strategy puzzles ranging from easy to hard, visit their forum for answers and
discussions of each riddle

Erich's Place -- a website from a math professor Erich Friedman at Stetson
University with many free online puzzles (click on Puzzle Palace near the
bottom of the page), also covers many fun topics of interest to "math geeks" -- keep up with the latest in math games, puzzles, books,
and other happenings, this weblog has links to many free online activities

Learning Math thru Literature

Murderous Maths by Kjartan Poskitt -- a series of humorous books that
teach math concepts with cartoons and irreverence, originally published in
the UK, now available thru Scholastic Books, a review by Popular Science

The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure by Hans Magnus
Enzensberger -- a great non-threatening introducton to concepts such as
factorials, fractions, infinity, triangle numbers, Fibonacci numbers, imaginary
numbers, and irrational numbers.  Fun for all ages ;-) There is also a
Number Devil software game based on the story

G Is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book by Schwartz David -- from "A is
for Abacus" to "Z is for Zillion" this is a fun introduction to 26 topics in math

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by Cindy Neuschwander - the
first in a series of books about "Sir Cumferance, Lady Diameter, and their
son, Radius" for clever, educational adventures based in geometry

The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat by famous author of
kids' math books,
Theoni Pappas -- the first in a series of books that
introduce youngsters to interesting math concepts such as the abacus,
binary system, fractals, origami, bubbles, etc.,  includes interesting activities
after each short story

These three sites have wonderful
Math Reading Lists for all ages, from
picture books and fun math fiction to serious math texts:

Living Math -- has tons of ideas and resources for a literary approach to
math - from picture books on the basic concepts to chapter books and adult
books that include concepts in advanced math

Gnarly Math -- reviews of popular math books

Printable graph paper -- select grid size and type of paper, includes
cartesian (most common for algebra 1), logarithmic, polar, engineering, etc
incompetech  -- print out graph papers, geo patterns, sudoku grids, etc
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