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On-Line Enrichment Ideas – Math

by Julie Knapp, copyright 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

[Originally published in the January/March 2005 issue of the "MCGT
Outlook", the bi-monthly newsletter of the Minnesota Council of the Gifted
and Talented, Vol.28, No.1]

Does your child need just a little more challenge than your math curriculum
provides?  Whether you are teaching, after-schooling, or homeschooling…
on-line math enrichment may be your solution.   Listed below are some
great websites with fun and interesting math for all ages.  Give them a try,
and stash the ones you like in your Favorites folder!

Fun Ways to Use Math

Multiflyer - multiplication facts (click “Play Now”)
Math Majong -- a "less-frantic" free online math game to practice math
facts from Sheppard Software - Multiplication Tunnel Blaster -- Math Mayhem

Timez Attack -- by Bib Brainz, a 3D RPG game where you use math facts
to open locked doors and battle ogres, free download available Connect the Dots –number practice for pre-K/K,
including “by 2’s”, etc (play on-line and/or print it out)
Mucky Monsters -- after "flushing" a toilet, choose which monster has the
dirtiest hands (has more "bugs")  (yes, the flushing of the toilet is the
incentive here ;-)
Teddy Bear Number Balance - bears on a see-saw show equations
ABC LearnOnline Count on Us– great math games for pre-K/K

BBC SkillsWise – many games for basic skills (K-12) Change Maker – be an international cashier

Shop Till You Drop -- practice mental math in a shopping game (in
English pounds, but the idea is the same :-)

Aunty Math - K - 5 math challenges from the Dupage Children's Museum

Pour to Score -- pour water back and forth to achieve the various
amounts listed on the right (not easy! ;-)
Can You Fill It? -- a similar game

FunBrain Math Arcade -- (1st - 6th) all sorts of math games

Franklin Institute On-line - open-ended problem solving

Fraction Shapes by Cynthia Lanius -- fractions don't have to be pie-
shaped! Have fun working with other shapes

Algebra Puzzle -- figure out the value for each shape in a magic square
(beginning algebra concept involves adding one or two digit numbers)
The Algebra Balance -- a fun, visual way to practice solving for X
Equation Buster from MathsNet -- solve equations by clicking on the
operations (scroll down a bit to see the options), 4 levels of difficulty
Line Gem -- dragons collect gems by player clicking on the line equation
with the most gems, includes a great tutorial on how to graph lines!
Free Online Graphing Calculator from

Be an Algebra Millionaire -- for those who can do the equations in their
heads (or on scratch paper), maybe have a contest between two players?

Sheppard Software -- Multiples Frenzy (a shooting game), and games
for Roman numerals and Algebra

Probabilities in the game of Monopoly -- play to win

Extra-Curricular Math Concepts

The Logic Zone -- free online interactive grid logic problems
The Story of 1: Culture and Civilization -- free Google movie
Archives of Ivars Peterson's Math Trek -- six years worth of math
blogging on very divers and interesting topics
MC Escher: Interlocking Shapes and Tessellations by William Chow --
an engineer takes a look at Escher
Dimentions -- free online, nine chapters of videos (two hours of
geometry) that take you gradually up to the fourth dimension.

Fractal Geometry by Michael Frame, Benoit Mandelbrot, and Nial Neger
-- free online tutorial on fractals from Yale University, very well explained
Bronowski on Pythagoras' Theorem -- an philosophical look
Geometric CD Sculpture -- this Truncated Icosahedron CD Sculpture is
a work of art as well as geometry!
Mathematics Illuminated from Annanberg Media -- 13 units covering
high level extra-curricular math concepts (primes, topology, chaos, etc)

Project Euler -- challenging math/programing questions -- give them a try!
StatPrimer -- a free online tutorial on statistics, with exercises
How to Count to 1,023 on Your Fingers -- an intro to binary numbers
Times Trick -- an interesting multiplication method to mull over

Paper Models of Polyhedra
Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section – math concepts
combined with history, art, architecture, and music
ScienceU Geometry Center– tiling, fractals, and more
MacTutor- history, biographies, advances, and more

Los Alamos Mega-Mathematics - Mind-bending math activities - Interactive math encyclopedia
Algebra: Fun with Calendars -- a math trick using algebra

Erich's Place -- a website from a math professor Erich Friedman at
Stetson University with many free online puzzles (click on Puzzle Palace
near the bottom of the page), also covers many fun topics of interest to
"math geeks"

Calculus in 20 Minutes (Part 1) (Part 2) -- Professor Edward Burger of
Williams College (who also teaches math in the Stanford EPGY Program
and on ThinkWell videos) gives a crash course - brain candy for future mathematicians -
NUMB3RS Math Program -- the CBS TV show NUMB3RS, about
detectives using math to solve crimes offers free episode study guides  
Graffiti Grapher - history of graphitti as an art form, includes a cartesian
graphing applet that helps create letters mathematically
JavaGami -- software that allows you to create and render complicated 3D
origami-based folding polyhedra -- the puzzling weblog of recreational mathematics
Bathsheba Sculpture -- where math, chemistry, and sculpture meet
Medieval Islamic Mosaic Tiles -- show signs of advanced math by Robert Sacks -- patterns in squares and primes

Mathematical Art, Graphics, Chaos, Fractals -- links to interesting sites
Babylonian and Egyptian Mathematics -- a mixture of math and history -- the puzzling weblog of recreational mathematics
Top 100 Theorems in Math -- 500 BC to present, from Stevens Inst Tech

Lesson plans on
Code Writing and Code Breaking
The MegaPenny Project -- see what one thousand pennies looks like,,,
how about 1 quintillion?  (How about 1000 cows?)

Math Videos and Songs
The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics an old
cartoon directed by Chuck Jones (of Bugs Bunny fame ;-)
Infinity Looks Like Cake -- clever movie about cutting cake  
Mathematicious-- a funny rap about loving math
I Will Derive -- funny YouTube video about Calculus
Calculus: The Musical by Matheatre --  free online, several funny songs
(mp3) from their educational traveling show
U Can't Graph This (AP Calculus Project)-- funny YouTube music video
The Top Ten List of (College) Algebra Mistakes -- Prof. Edward Burger
Pythagoras Theory in Song -- a short YouTube song to help remember
Water-proof of Pythagoras' Theorem -- a short YouTube video
Math in the Chef's Kitchen-- interview with two chefs who discuss how
math is important in running a restaurant
Dancing With Geometry-- a dancer and a surgeon discuss angles
Math in Toy Car Design -- interview with a Hot Wheels designer
Designing Stronger Skateboards -- interview with designer
Math in Designing Phones --interviews with designers and engineers
Sing the Japanese numbers 1-20 --with catchy modern tune

For more math resources, check out
Math Resources for Homeschoolers -- What are the Options?
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