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Pre-Algebra and Algebra for Homeschoolers
by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Free Online Algebra Options!
Understanding Algebra by James Brennan, Boise State University -- a
free online algebra textbook

Maths for the Masses -- a collection of links to free, well-written, easy to
understand math tutorials on a variety of advanced math topics, including
algebra, calculus and analysis, combinatorics and discrete mathematics,
geometry and topology, logic and set theory, number theory, probability
and statistics, etc.

Algebra In Simplest Terms -- A free online video instructional series on
algebra for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 26
half-hour video programs from Annenberg media

Mathematics Articles by Stan Brown -- online tutorials in Algebra, Trig,
and Calculus, including use of a TI-83/84 graphing calculator

National Repository of Online Classes: AP -- free, self-study, online
AP courses in science, math, and history

UCCP Open Access College Prep -- free online Algebra 1 course

HotMath Algebra Practice Problems -- with hints and answers
Algebra Equation Buster -- free online activity where you can solve
practice equations with a few mouse clicks
Line Gem -- dragons collect gems by player clicking on the line equation
with the most gems, includes a great tutorial on how to graph lines!
Free Online Graphing Calculator from
Printable graph paper -- select grid size and type of paper, includes
cartesian (most common for algebra 1), logarithmic, polar, engineering, etc
incompetech  -- free print outs of various graph papers and templates

Algebra Textbooks and Workbook Curriculum:
Elementary Algebra by Harold Jacobs  -- written in light conversational
tone, appeals to visual-spatial learners and those who need to understand
the big picture, not the best choice for students who just want to be shown
how to work problems, a good
review here.

Lial Algebra series -- a classic text book used by Stanford's EPGY gifted
enrichment program.

Algebra I: Expressions, Equations, and Applications  by Paul
Foerster -- a classic text book.  See the Amazon reviews for good info on
homeschool use.

Saxon Algebra 1 -- a textbook with answer key and tests, heavy on drill

Bob Jones University Press Algebra 1 -- Teacher's Edition includes
student pages with notes and answers (including solutions) and sections
with common student errors and one-on-one activities. Activity Pages
include math history, Bible integration, drill, enrichment, and review work

Algebra the Easy Way by Douglas Downing -- Kid-friendly introductory
text that explain math concepts in a story-book format; great for young
students who are interested in higher concepts but not ready to take a  
full-blown course, also a helpful supplement for those who need to
understand the reasoning behind the formulas in a traditional text.
(There seems to be more than one book with this title -- double check the
author before you buy)

Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra -- from a series of math books written
by a retired math teacher.  Who says learning algebra has to be tedious?
These books are very charming, written in a conversational tone, in
narrative style, with just a touch of dry humor.  The name comes from the
main character in the series, Fred, who learns about each book's topics
thru practical, everyday experiences.  All of these books are complete
courses, with plenty of problems to work, and an optional "
Companion" teacher's guide
.  Great for the math phobic, for those
needing review, or as a complete course in Algebra. Explore the website
to learn more and see sample pages.

Online Subscription Programs:
TabletClass Algebra -- This is an online, self-paced program good for
students who prefer to be shown how to do problems, rather than read
textbook explanations (though a section with written lecture notes for
review are also provided).  Lessons are narrated by the instructor as he
goes thru the steps to complete sample problems on a white board.  The
tone is conversational and teen friendly, and lessons include the
reasoning behind the steps and trouble spots to pay attention to.  Problem
sets are small, but thoroughly cover the concepts.  Includes directions for
using scientific and graphing calculators.  Includes free printable
Homeschool Parent Course Guide.  Lessons can be downloaded to
portable devices. Inexpensive monthly subscription, sample lessons
available for viewing. (Pre-Algebra also available, Algebra 2 will be
released soon)

Time4Learning Algebra --This is an online self-paced program good for
students that prefer a visual, interactive multimedia approach to math. The
optional narration is a plus for students with learning disabilities. Can be
used as a full program or for review, reinforcement, or supplement to
other courses, inexpensive monthly subscription. Also offers K -- 8th
grade math (pre-Algebra)  

Aleks Algebra 1 -- This is an online self-paced math program where
lessons are provided as text to be read by the student.  Not much drill -
when a student can complete 4 problems on a topic they are allowed to
move on.  Student progress is displayed in a pie chart that tracks lessons
done and lessons pending.  Inexpensive monthly subscription, free
48-hour trial.  (Grade 3 -- Calculus also available)

Kinetic Books Algebra -- an interactive  CD-ROM textbook with
animations, games, and activities. Also available in print and on CD-ROM.  
Designed for classrooms, but fine for homeschool

Video/DVD/CD Algebra Programs:
Thinkwell Algebra -- video/CD lessons by Dr. Edward Burger, Professor
of Mathematics at Williams College.  A very personable lecturer explains
concepts and works thru problems on a split screen. This is the same
Algebra program used by Johns Hopkins CTY gifted program (see listing
below). (Pre-Algebra thru Calculus also available)

The Teaching Company High School Algebra I -- A video lecture
series by Dr. Monica Neagoy of the National Science Foundation.  She
focuses on meanings and interrelationships rather than just on learning
the skills and includes historical anecdotes and stories about various  
mathematicians.  Employs manipulatives and concrete models such as
prisms, cubes, and disks to help students visually connect algebraic
expressions with the shapes and quantities they describe. Includes
lessons on using the latest graphing calculators. (Algebra II also available)

Teaching Textbooks: Algebra 1 -- comes with a worktext, a teaching
CD, and a CD with full solutions to every problem in the book, text is
slightly conversational, explanations are brief but clear, word problems are
mildly humorous, a good
review  (also available: Grade 5 -- Pre-Calculus)

Math-U-See Algebra 1 -- This is a manipulative approach to algebra for
hands on learning (see sample video online). The package includes video
lessons, a teacher's book, student workbook, and manipulatives.  (K --
Calculus available)

VideoText Interactive Algebra --  Video/DVD lessons, emphasizes drill
and review, suitable for following Saxon 7/6, telephone helpline provided.
(Geometry also available)

Chalk Dust Algebra 1 -- video/DVD lessons with a textbook and solutions
manual, online samples of the video available (Pre-Algebra thru Calculus
also available)

Kinetic Books Algebra -- an interactive  CD-ROM textbook with
animations, games, and activities. Also available in print and by online
subscription. Designed for classrooms, but fine for homeschool

Distance Learning Courses for Honors Algebra:
CTYOnline: Honors Algebra I -- Johns Hopkins University online
distance learning course for gifted students, uses Thinkwell Algebra by Dr.
Edward Burger, students must qualify to apply

EPGY Beginning Algebra (Honors) -- a Stanford online distance
learning course for gifted students, students must qualify to apply

Supplemental Resources for Algebra:
Real World Algebra: Understanding the Power of Mathematics by
Edward Zacarro --  (grades 4 and up) Recommended for upper
elementary students with higher math ability and interest.

Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra, and Explains Algebra -- two
supplemental math books from The Math Forum at Drexel University.   
Both books are written in a conversational tone and excel at explaining
things in several different ways to reach kids who are having trouble.
reviews of these books at   

Borenson Hands-On Equations -- (grades 3-8) a method that even
young children can learn, uses manipulatives and video/dvd lessons to
present his kinesthetic method of solving algebraic linear equations
in a game-like manner.

Algebra and Beyond -- a literary approach to algebra from Living Math
Texas A&M Virtual Math Lab  -- free online algebra turorials
Algebra Supplements by Daniel F. Symancyk -- free online tutorials

The Algebra Balance -- a fun, visual way to practice solving for X
Number Balls for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 -- free online games
Algebra: Fun with Calendars -- a math trick using algebra
CoolMath Algebra -- fun exercises and lessons

Algebra Homework Solver -- gives typical example problems and shows
how to solve them
HotMath Algebra Practice Problems -- with hints and answers
Algebra Solved -- a software series from that lets you enter
the specific equations you're having trouble with and it will solve them for
you, showing you the solution steps.  Available in 4 levels, provides
unlimited practice problems, too.  Great tool for non-mathy parents who
are trying to help their student learn algebra! ;-)  But wait!  Here's a free
online program that does much the same thing --
Quick Math Automatic
Math Solutions -- I suggest giving the free tool a try to see if it works well
enough for you and your student
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