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Online Writing Classes and Writing Tutors

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright, 2006

Brave Writer -- online classes, newsletters, blog, and discussion forums
for improving creative writing skills --

Write Guide  -- a writing program designed for homeschool families -- a
completely customizable writing program provides writing tutors who work
one-on-one with students thru e-mail,  parents can choose what the
writing assignments will be or can ask the tutor to develop an
individualized plan, available by subscription on a monthly basis, SAT
writing essay prep is an option.

Home2Teach -- challenging online writing classes for students age 9
thru high school, lessons combined with weekly online chat meeting will
reel in  even the reluctant writers, classes include Elementary Writing,
Elementary Report Writing, Narrative Writing, Paragraph Writing,
Expository (Research) Writing, Literature Analysis, Creative Writing, and
Writing About Books, High School Honors English classes available.

Merlyn’s Pen Mentors in Writing Program -- a distance-learning
option for serious writers, grades 6th - 12th, matches student writers with
published writers and editors for tutoring and courses in fiction, non-
fiction, and poetry, also offers tutoring for college admissions essays, a
recommended resource of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Stanford University Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) --
several courses are offered from third grade on up to AP English and
Compostion, the Expository Writing classes come highly recommended,
students must qualify based on standardized test scores, student may be
considered for placement in a class/grade-level above their age based
on a
writing sample submission  
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