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Writing Curriculum, Programs, Prompts,
and Creative Alternatives

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright, 2006

Writing Strands by Dave Marks -- a non-graded writing curriculum with
daily assignments, students can use it independently from Level 3 on up,
teaches basic writing skills and several types of writing (referred to as
"strands") such as creative, report, argumentative, etc. , good for parents
who feel more comfortable having everything planned out for them, good
for students who are willing to write daily on assigned topics,  Level 2 is
recommended as a starting point for reluctant writers.  This program is
often used along with the book  "A Well-Trained Mind" (in
Education).  Here is a helpful  review

Writing Blaster -- software aimed at grades 1-3, helps kids develop
fundamental writing and reading skills, then use them to create multimedia
The Wordsmith Series -- (4th - 12th) three books, "Wordsmith
Apprentice", "Wordsmith", and "Wordsmith Craftsman",  teach writing
skills thru daily lessons associated with newspaper journalism,  here is a
review from The Well-Trained Mind website (Classical Education)

The Writing Series by Michael Clay Thompson -- "Sentence Island" and
"Paragraph Town"  - for -gifted 3rd - 6th, designed to be used with his
Grammar Series and Etymology Series (word roots/vocabulary)  to create
a complete Language Arts program for gifted students, can also be used
(at later grade levels) with students who are not gifted in Language Arts

Spectrum Writing Series by McGraw-Hill -- ( K - 12) simple,
inexpensive, but very good  workbooks provide writing examples,
lessons, and activities for writing better sentences, descriptive writing,
sentence construction, letter writing, etc.,  separate workbooks available
for grammar, spelling, and reading comprehension,  find them at Borders
Books, teacher's stores, and thru

Essay Express -- fun interactive software download to help 4th -8th
graders write essays, amusing and hip ;-) free trial available

Just Write series from EPS -- this series starts from the very beginning
with drawing a picture and describing it with one word, then later with one
sentence, etc., great for new and reluctant writers

Writing Skills by Diana Hanbury King -- grades 2–12 complete program
including grammar, usage, composition, cursive, and keyboarding,
reportedly good for reluctant writers

Modeling the Classics: Language Arts Lessons from The Hobbit --
a 200-page E-book with multi-age lesson plans, a Charlotte Mason and
Ruth Beechick inspired approach includes spelling, grammar, copywork,
and writing assignments, all based on excerpts from the Hobbit.  Includes
drawing a draw a story map, writing about characters, setting, etc.

What is Technical Writing? by W. Earl Britton -- defines technical
writing (this is the first page of a journal article that you may be able to
access with the help of your friendly local librarian)

Scientific and Technical Communication: Theory, Practice, and
Policy by James H. Collier -- free online text of a college-level textbook

Writing Prompts, Creative Alternatives, and Free Online

Writing Well: Exposition:You Got Some 'Splaining to Do, Lucy -- an
amusing, free online tutorial (excerpted from a book) that covers the
basics of expository writing, aimed at middle school and up, from the Fact
Monster Homework Center

Quotes Plus: American Literature -- (9th - 12th) quotes taken from
historical literature along with quotes from opposing viewpoints inspire
writers to defend their worldviews

350 Fabulous Writing prompts by Jacqueline Sweeney -- (4th - 8th)
a great collection of thought-provoking and clever writing prompts

101 Picture prompts to Spark Super Writing -- pictures and cartoons

Comic Strip Writing Prompts -- Peanuts, Garfield, etc. inspire writing

Make Beliefs Comix! -- free online comic-maker, choose from several
pre-made characters, choose the mood of the character (happy, sad,
mad, surprised), and type words into "bubbles" to make a comic/story

Write Abouts -- (1st - 8th) Creative Thinking, Silly Starters, Wacky
Headlines, Story Starters, etc., each is a flip book with writing prompts

The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier: How To Solve The
Mysteries Of Weak Writing by Bonnie Trenga

20 Sensational Art and Writing Projects -- prompts for designing your
own artwork and writing about it, and vice-versa

50 Tools Which Can Help You in Writing -- free tips and strategies

Newspaper Reporters: An Introduction to Newspaper Writing by
Teacher Created resources -- kids learn to make their own newspaper,
including research, writing different types of articles, features and
advertisements, blank 11 x 17 newspapers available separately

Writing Well: Speeches -- All the World's a Stage-- amusing, free
online tutorial aimed at middle school and up

A+ Research and Writing -- step by step ideas on how to go about
writing a research paper from the

Gifted Language Arts Curriculum -- individual units developed by the
William and Mary Center for Gifted Education for high-ability learners,
various topics and grade levels, designed for classroom use, but
adaptable to homeschooling

Draw Then Write -- (1st - 6th) draw pictures then write about them,
includes step-by-step instructions on how to draw  

Teaching English Through Art by Visual Manna -- writing assignments
based on art,  techniques include following the steps to correctly draw
animals and using a grid to copy drawings, sample lessons online

The 5 Paragraph Essay -- how to and links to other helpful sites

The Five Paragraph Essay Slide Show -- amusing show and tell for
the 5 paragraph essay

The SAT Essay -- from the College Boards website, a description of what
is expected,  examples of actual essays and the scores they received

For more fun writing alternatives check out
Creative Ideas for Writing, Fun Resources,  
and Free Online Enrichment
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