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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Homeschooling by Subject

Language Arts for Homeschoolers
by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

A sampling of language arts instructional materials, online tutorials,
books, games, and other resources

Learning to Read
The Homeschool Diner's Favorite ABC Books
Reading Struggles, Reading Remediation and "Catching-Up"
Serious Trouble With Reading? Could it be Dyslexia?

Good Books, Study Guides, and Other Resourcesurces
The Diner's Favorite Poetry Resources

Handwriting Instruction Programs
Trouble with Handwriting? Could it be Dysgraphia?

Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing
How to Choose Writing Resources
Writing Curriculum, Programs, Prompts, and How-To Books
Online Writing Classes and Writing Tutors
Creative Writing Ideas, Fun Resources, Enrichment
Reluctant Writers and Children Who Hate to Write

Grammar for Homeschoolers
Grammar Curriculum and Other Resources
Grammar Help, "Catch-Up's" and Enrichment

Spelling for Homeschoolers
How to Choose a Spelling Resource
Complete Spelling programs
Spelling Workbooks
Spelling Resource/Reference Books for Educators
Spelling Remediation, "Catch-Up's" and Enrichment
Serious Trouble With Spelling? Could it be Dyslexia?

Vocabulary and Etymology for Homeschoolers
Resources for Vocabulary and Etymology (word roots)

Looking for enrichment ideas for language arts?  Check out
Free On-Line Enrichment Ideas – Language Arts
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