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Grammar Help, "Catch-Up's" and Enrichment
When it's time to really work on grammar...

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Whichever approach you have previously take with grammar, there may
come a time when your child could use some practice, needs to review
formal rules, or wishes to learn more about how our language works.  It
might be in preparation for a standardized test or to improve the quality
of their written work. Remember, too, that some students just like learning
about languages, and enjoy extra practice or more in-depth coverage.

Take a look at these resources and see which might fit your child's needs.

A Journey Through Grammar Land by Frode Jensen -- a story-based
approach to learning grammar

A Guide to Grammar and Writing -- (grades 7 - 12) free online, a
thorough coverage of grammar and style issues, written in a clear
conversational tone,  humorous, fast-paced power point shows available
for many topics, see the index to locate particular topics,

English Grammar 101 -- free online grammar and punctuation course,
the equivalent of 100 hours of classroom instruction, incorporates grades
6-12 content standards. Plain but effective.  No writing involved -- click to
choose answers or add punctuation.

Punctuation Made Simple by Gary Olsen -- free online summary

Daily Grammar -- sign up  and you will receive a free, fun grammar
lesson each day, Monday thru Friday, and a quiz each Saturday.

Wacky Webtails -- fill in the parts of speech to create a story

Mad Libs Jr -- click on words and parts of speech to create a story Word games -- free online grammar practice

Capitalization Key Concepts -- a quick refresher at 6th grade level
from McDougal Littell

Barron's Painless Grammar by Rebecca Elliot -- (6 - 8) basics of
grammar and composition written in a fun, preteen-friendly style,  also
good as a refresher course for teens, available thru major book sellers

English Grammar for Dummies by Geraldine Woods -- grammar and
usage basics written in a fun conversational style, good grammar
refresher for anyone,  practical content to improve daily speech and
writing, available thru major booksellers

Jensen's Grammar by Frode Jensen -- (high school) a high-powered,
fast-paced grammar worktext, lots of writing exercises

Jensen's Punctuation by Frode Jensen --  (high school) a
high-powered text gives complete coverage of punctuation rules

Sentence Diagrams by Eugene R. Moutoux, some kids enjoy these ;-)
and those who do should also read "
Diagramming See Spot Run"

Karen Elizabeth Gordon series -- grammar, sentence structure and
vocabulary presented with a lavish, though ghoulish flair, grades 8 - 12

The Deluxe Transitive Vampire,
The New Well-Tempered Sentence,
Torn Wings and Faux Pas,
Sin and Syntax, and
The Disheveled Dictionary

The Apostrophe Protection Society -- to preserve "the correct use of
this currently much abused punctuation mark "

The definitive answer on
Split Infinitives -- from Wikipedia

What is Grammar and What is Not? -- an essay by Dennis Burges of
Longwood University describing Edited American English the typical  
"school grammar" taught in the US

StyleWriter software --  a word processing add-on that flags poor
writing, gives suggestions to improve writing.