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On-Line Enrichment Ideas – Language Arts
by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2008

A sampling of free online activities and games for grammar, spelling,
vocabulary, and word roots (etymology)

Free Online Poetry to Enjoy

Poetry Archive -- free online audio clips of poets reading their poetry

Haiku Garden -- children's poems with illustrations (great inspiration!),
submitted from the US, UK, Auatralia, and Japan

Poetry 180 -- a list of poems aimed at high school aged students,
intented to be read aloud, one each day, from the Library of Congress

Magnetic Poetry Online -- play with poetry sets on a virtual fridge
Poem Hunter -- search for a particular poem by title, poet, or keyword
An Interactive Poetry Finder -- choose the type of poetry and this site
from ETTC will find a fill-in-the-blank form to make that kind of poetry

Free Online Vocabulary Games and Resources

Prefix and suffix wordworks -- elementary to middle school level
Rooting Out Words -- free online word root game (elementary level)
Latin and Greek Root Concentration -- find the matches
Open-Hand Concentration -- an easier matching game

Free Rice -- test your vocabulary while helping feed the hungry (with
every correct answer the sponsors donate money for rice)

Wordmaster's Challenge: Analogies -- high school level
More Wordmaster's Challenge: Analogies -- high school level
Analogies Jeopardy Game -- upper elementary level
Analogy Battleship -- middle to high school level

Word Vine -- place words on vine to show relationships in meaning

Etymologic -- a free online word-origin game that offers 4 possible
origins of a word, then gives the correct answer -- free online SAT-type vocabulary questions
Vocabulary Builder free online from -- free online vocabulary games
Dunk a Duck -- a free online hangman game, a duck makes funny
comments while you play and gets dunked if you lose. if you register
(FREE) you can enter your own list of words to play with!!

Do You Speak American? Perspectives on Written and Spoken
Sez Who? -- "experts weigh in on the American penchant for creating
new words and  expressions"
Fun Latin -- funny modern phrases translated into Latin
Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric by Brigham Young
University -- examines the art of effective writing and speaking,  "...a
discipline for training students 1) to perceive how language is at work
orally and in writing, and 2) to become proficient in applying the
resources of language..."

Free Online Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Resources

Wacky Webtails -- fill in the parts of speech to create a story
Mad Libs Jr -- click on words and parts of speech to create a story Word games -- free online grammar practice

Capitalization Key Concepts -- a quick refresher at 6th grade level
from McDougal Littell
Punctuation Made Simple by Gary Olsen -- free online summary
Punctuation Paint Ball -- free game, shoot paint balls at sentences to
add punctuation, easy level needs only capitals and ending marks
Sentence Clubhouse -- free game, for a given sentence, type in
corrections as needed.

Daily Grammar -- sign up  and you will receive a free, fun grammar
lesson each day, Monday thru Friday, and a quiz each Saturday.

A Word A Day -- by, free service delivers a new
vocabulary word to your e-mail every day
Merriam-Webster Word A Day -- a new vocabulary word e-mailed to
you each day for free
Kid's Daily Buzzword -- from Word Central by Merriam-Webster, free
service e-mails you a new word every day with definition and history of
use, also, kids can build their own online dictionary
Little Explorers Picture Dictionary from Enchanted learning -- a free
online picture dictionary for kids to explore and learn

The Scripp's National Spelling Bee Study Resources -- includes
free downloads of the Merriam-Webster's "A Dictionary of Pre-fixes,
suffixes and combining forms", an audio version of the Paideia, and word
lists (everything you need to be a spelling guru! ;-)

Puzzlemaker -- from, free way to make your own
spelling list crossword puzzles

Dunk a Duck -- a free online hangman game, a duck makes funny
comments while you play and gets dunked if you lose. if you register
(FREE) you can enter your own spelling list to play with!!

Why is English Spelling so Mixed-Up, Crazy, and Irregular? -- an
article for kids from the Simplified Spelling Society

For vocabulary-building curriculum and books, go to
Vocabulary and Etymology (Word Root)  Resources

For curriculum and books on grammar and spelling, go to
Language Arts for Homeschoolers

Looking for curriculum and helpful resources for Writing,
Reading, Literature or Handwriting?  Check out
Language Arts for Homeschoolers

Looking for enrichment ideas for creative writing?  Check out
Creative Ideas for Writing -- Free Online Enrichment
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