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How Do I Teach Art?

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

The Basics

Fostering Creativity by MaryAnn F. Kohl -- a great article that
describes what creativity is and what we can do to encourage it

Encouraging Artistic Pursuits in a homeschool -- Brenda Ellis tells of
her artistic family and how they homeschool

Young at Art -- learn about the four stages of drawing that all children
move thru, from the University if Florida.

Creative and Mental Growth in Children's Art--a look at what
children draw at different ages and why

The Developmental Stages of Scribbling by Kathleen Bailer -- gives
great suggestions as to helpful comments parents can make about their
young child's "drawings", also discusses how drawing is the beginning
stage of literacy and includes ideas to link drawing with story telling

"I Can't Draw" by Ken Rohrer

Teaching Drawing Skills by Carolyn Holm -- explains that you don't
need to be a good drawer to be a good artist, but also has lessons on
how to draw what you see to improve anyone's drawing skills  

Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards -- a
wonderful book which teaches how to draw "from sight", This is a great
resource to bring out when your child of 8 - 12 becomes discouraged
with their "symbol" drawings and are longing to make drawings that look
more like the "real thing", the website even has some basic exercises to
get you or your student started.  

Children and Their Art: Methods for the Elementary School by
Charles Gaitskell -- this book (originally written in 1958) is written for
classroom art teachers but can be a wonderful resource for home
educators, as well.  The book discusses how to "teach" art to children
while being mindful of their natural stages of development, and also
acknowledges their need to explore and experiment with each media.  
The book includes discussions of art education theory, the nature of art,
its function in the lives of children, and practical advice and directions for  
using various media, including painting, drawing, paper-making,
sculpture, printmaking, clay, etc.

What is Art? by Carolyn Holm -- a discussion to have with your children

Why We Need a Definition of Art by Kenneth M. Lansing

Art for Our Sake by By Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland  -- why bother
including art in your curriculum?  Because it teaches thought processes
and mental skills not covered in any other subject!

Morning Earth – tips for teaching art (a nice site to browse, too)

ArtCyclopedia -- an extensive online collection of classic and modern art

For Computer Art Tutorials, check out the Diner's
Computer section

Some Theories on Teaching Art

Choice-Based Art Education -- a method that fosters creativity and  
teaches artistic behavior in children, allows children to experiment and
explore media, rather than presenting them with specific art projects that
the whole class must complete, respects the natural development of a
child's artistic abilities, this method is easily adapted to homeschooling
Here is a Yahoo group of classroom teachers using the Choice-Based art
approach --
TAB-ChoiceArt   (TAB stands for "Teaching for Artistic

Discipline-Based Art Education -- formulated in the 1980's by the
Getty Center for the Arts, this is a method that combines art projects with
art history and art appreciation, it also integrates the study of art into
other subjects areas, this is the approach traditionally used in museum
art classes, homeschoolers often use this method to bring art into
Studies of various topics

Neither Modernism nor PostModernism: A Fresh Look at "Fine
Art" by Michelle Marder Kamhi -- calls for a preservation of the concept
of "fine art" and a return to traditional studio teaching methods  

Related Issues in Teaching Art

What is Manga? The Influence of Pop-culture in Adolescent Art by
Masami Toku -- discusses the merits of this Japanese comic book style of
art and suggests that art teachers can "reach" teens with this medium

Real-World Readings in Art Education: Things Your Professor
Never Told You by Dennis E. Fehr, Kris Fehr, and Karen Keifer-Boyd --
this book excerpt urges art teachers to re-examine their art curriculum...  
"Does what is being learned justify the amount of time being spent?"...  
"...are there other ideas that are more vitally important that ought to be
introduced during some of this time?"...  "Is there a quicker and more
interesting way to learn this material that also involves other, more
meaningful objectives?"

My Choice-Based Art Room by Carolyn Kinniery -- "The First Day of
Choice" and "The Decision to Make a Change" are the first entries in an
art teacher's ongoing blog, chronicles her adventure in free choice art,
with lots of wonderful photos of her students' works  

Rescuing Art from Visual Culture Studies by Michelle Marder Kamhi
-- controversy over the demise of "art education" and the growing trend
of teaching visual culture studies in its place

Art and ADHD: How to Get Active-Minded Children Focused on Art
-- tips and project ideas by Masterpiece Art Instruction

The Visual Arts in "What Art Is" by Joan Mitchell Blumenthal -- not
everyone is happy with 20th Century "art"...

Museums -- Why They Matter
"We make realities out of our dreams and dreams out of our realities.
We are the dreamers of the dream." ~~ Roald Dahl (1916 - 1990)
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