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Self-Directed Study of Art

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Resources for independent learning and research...

Free Online Resources

The Incredible @rt Department -- a wonderful website zillions of
activities, ideas, and links to educational, interesting, and fun art websites

@rtroom -- creative ideas and suggestions, check out the  @rt sparkers
and @rtreageous thinking for fun art "prompts", from the U of Florida

NGA Classroom -- online tutorials on hundreds of art topics, many
integrating art into other subject areas, from the US National Gallery of Art
ArtsPass -- streaming video on demand, short documentaries,
biographies, and live performances of art, music, dance, and theater,
various topics, some study guides available, free and subscription areas,
30 day free trial,  can be used to supplement unit studies  

Art Takes Time by Tabitha F. Ward -- a free online webquest/tutorial
on art history, from Cave Art to Modern empire -- an artist's website/journal,  examples of the
artist's works, history of the Fluxus art movement

Artist Trading Cards -- an online group for exchanging art in this
miniature form

BOOK -- a project where 4 artists exchanged and added to a sketchbook

Altered Books -- examples by Tera Leigh, create a work of art from an
old book by rebinding, cutting, tearing, painting, drawing, adding collage,
gold-leafing, stamping, printing, adorning, and personalizing with poetry
or portraiture, also visit the
Intl Society of Altered Book Artists website

Darly Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index -- yearly index of
published political cartoons, categorized by topic

ArtLex Art Dictinary -- free online resource, over 3600 art terms defined

Other Resources

Aristos -- an online review of the Arts edited by Louis Torres & Michelle
Marder Kamhi

Online Art Magazines -- a listing of Art magazines which have online
content.  Many images in these magazines
may not be suitable for
young children
, please review these magazine issues individually to
decide which, if any, are appropriate for your particular child

Careers in the Arts -- a compilation of links to websites

New York TImes
Art and Design Page

inmod -- modern and retro furniture

TED Talks -- full length audio and video clips of world-class speakers
discussing the latest ideas in technology, entertainment, design,
business, and the arts

How to Get a  Job in the Gaming Biz by Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games
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visual arts