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visual arts
Copyright 2006 Julie Shepherd Knapp.  All rights reserved.
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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
The Arts for Homeschoolers

On-Line Enrichment – Visual Arts

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006, 2007, 2008

[Originally published in the July/August issue of the "MCGT Outlook", the
bi-monthly newsletter of the Minnesota Council of the Gifted and
Talented, Vol.28, No.3]

Trying to work more art into your child's homeschool curriculum?  The
Internet is a great place to find interactive art, hands-on virtual art
opportunities, project ideas, instructional tips, and creative inspiration.
Check out a few of these fun and educational resources for a nice dose of
art enrichment.

Interactive Fine Art Experiences

Red, Yellow, Blue – a color experience for toddlers to Kindergarten
Inside Art – dive into a painting (K-6)
The Artist’s Toolkit – Minneapolis Museum of Art
Museum of Modern Art – museum activities and games
ArtWorkshop:Sculpture – lessons and project ideas
Baltimore Museum of Art – click on “Matisse for Kids” dog
A Lifetime of Color -- fun activities for K-8th
Turner Gallery from -- click on an art work, then use the
mouse to create a similar work

Hands-On Virtual Art

Kaleidoscope Painter and byokal and fractals13 --  kaleidoscope makers
National Gallery of Art Kids Zone – 7 cool art-makers
Make A Flake and Create a Flake and Snowflake and Paper Snowflakes
-- make snowflakes, all sorts
Large Encylcogram – virtual Spirograph
Mr. Picasso Head – a good chuckle for all ages
Sketch Swap -- sketch a picture and receive one in return!
Etch-a-Sketch Art – there is a virtual Etch-a Sketch, too -- a virtual paint pad
Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas -- make a pollock-like masterpiece
tinygrow -- click to create bizarre landscapes and eyeballs... (click
"cancel" to downloading language pack option  -- you won't need it)
string spin by zefrank -- like a 3D spirograph
flowers -- groovy
3D Morovian Stars -- from paper
Make your own e-Cards by zefrank and lotsofwires
Graffiti Grapher - history of graffiti as an art form, includes a cartesian
graphing applet that helps create letters mathematically

Artists' Websites

A wide selection of media and styles...

I have made an effort to present artists whose works, when I viewed them, seemed
appropriate for all ages, but please double-check all links for appropriateness before
allowing children to click on them.  Websites can change owners without warning,
and artists can change their style and content over time, and throughout their website.
Likewise, be cautious about clicking any links to other artists.  : -julie :-)

Children’s Haiku Garden – original art and poetry by kids
Dale Chihuly’s website – “eye candy” out of glass
George Hart’s Website - geometric “eye candy”
Jennifer Maestre -- very spiky nail sculptures and pencil sculptures
Paco Rosic -- amazing work with spray paint

Guido Daniel -- turns hands into animals!
Elizabeth Berrien -- amazing wire sculpture
Exhibition of High Speed Photography -- amazing stop-action photos
Snow and Ice festivals: Harbin, China -- amazing ice and snow sculptures
World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska

Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade -- drawn into the grime on car windows
Starship Dimensions by Jeff Russell -- compares relative sizes of fictional
starcraft to each other,  Eiffel Tower, Apollo craft, etc.
Porcelain castings by Makoto Komatsu
Sarah Jane Brown -- very fun wire knitting
David Goode -- bronze goblin sculptures

Life-Size Works in Drift Wood by Heather Jansch
Ralph Goings -- amazing realism in watercolors
Nathan Sawaya -- Lego sculptures
Kennith Humphrey -- boldly colored oils and acrylics
Bathsheba Sculpture -- where math, chemistry, and sculpture meet

Renee Harris -- fiber artist, felted wool with embroidery
Amish Country Quilts over 880 quilts! (just click the TOUR button)
Fractal World Gallery by Cory Ench -- beautiful...
Sultans of Sand -- sand sculpture artists, photos of events
Sandsational Sand Sculpting -- more sand sculpture
Gary Carleson -- 3D medical/biological illustration

Aaron Jasinski -- graphic illustrator, an interesting "display" of paintings
Noli Novak -- pen and ink stipple artist
Typophiles for Peace -- a digital "quilt" promoting world peace
Raquel Aparicio -- pen and ink and collage illustrations
The Art of American Rock by Sébastien Chevrel -- a continuous random
collage of poster art

A4Paper Cut -- all created from a single piece of paper
Fish Faces and more Fish Faces!
David Delthony -- wooden sculptured furniture
David C. Roy -- kinetic wood sculptures
Willard Wigen -- microscopic art
Rufus Butler Seder Life Tiles -- tiles that appear animated

Artsy Video Clips
Websites often reorganize and can also change ownership without notice.  Please
double-check all links for appropriateness *before allowing children to click on them*

The Art of Coffee -- works in coffee and froth
Western Spaghetti by PES -- a clever stop-action dinner ;-)
1 Week of Artwork -- video clip, a mural evolves/devolves/evolves...
Fabrication d'armure medieval -- a You Tube video of the process of
hammering a breast plate out of sheet metal
Blue Ball Machine -- follow the bouncing ball...
The Zoom Quilt -- an elaborate Escher-like interactive drawing
Pipe Dream -- animated music machine by Animusic (buy the DVD here )
Wind-Powered Kinetic Sculpture by Theo Jansen -- 20 minute video clip
Give VW a Hand -- great hand shadow art
MS Paint Car -- from, done to music
BBQ Rib Art -- from Country Fried Videos
Fingernail Art -- amazing stuff!
Nail Art Design 2 -- cool nail designs
Inflatable Bag Art by Joshua Allen Harris
Pavement Chalk Art by Julian Beever (a CBS report)
MAKE ART a YouTube category!

For hands-on art ideas, check out:
Free Art "How-To" Lessons and Project Ideas

For resources in all the arts, go to
The Arts for Homeschoolers
“Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he
grows up.”  -- Pablo Picasso
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