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Design Online Enrichment and Resources

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Students who enjoy design can use their skills in many areas -- fashion
design, floral design, interior design, industrial design, graphic and
commercial design... and there are many specialties within each of these
fields.  Some design resources and some inspiring websites are included

Perhaps your student can start a small business to sell things they
create?  Visit the Diner's
Building the Entrepreneurial Spirit section
to explore the possibilities!  

Tribu-Design -- decorative arts and design of the 20th Century, a virtual
museum of over 900 designers and manufacturers, time-lines  

THE CHICAGO ATHENAEUM Museum of Architecture and Design

Good Design Awards: Industrial / Graphic Design
Good Design Awards:  American Architecture

Canstruction -- a design/build charity competition of the design and
construction industry, created by the Society for Design Administration

Fashion Design
Note that, in general, some fashion design pages may include photos
that may be inappropriate for younger children.  The websites listed
below all appeared to be appropriate (at the time of listing) but -- please
-- double check all fashion websites *before* allowing children to click on
the links or follow links within a website

Fashion Era - covers 200 years of western fashion, lots of resources

The Costume Gallery -- designer biographies and galleries

Fashion Designers A - Z  please check each website/designer for
appropriateness (some may have rather revealing "fashions")

Charles Frederick Worth -- the "father" of Haute Couture

The Tirocchi Dressmakers Project -- an online museum exhibit

Draping for Apparel Design a textbook by Helen Joseph Armstrong
Basic Pattern Skills for Fashion Design a book by Bernard Zam
Patternmaking for Fashion Design a book by Helen Joseph Armstrong
Fantastic Fit For Everybody: How to Alter Patterns to Flatter Your
Figure a book by Gale G. Hazen -- alter patterns to fit real-life bodies
Garment Designer -- clothing design software by Cochenille, just print
out patterns after designing virtually

Vogue Sewing: Revised and Updated -- a classic how-to manual

Sew Subversive: Down and Dirty DIY for the Fabulous Fashionista
by Melissa Rannels -- quick and easy techniques for the beginner

Sew What! Skirts: 16 Simple Styles You Can Make with Fabulous
Fabrics by Francesca DenHartog -- skirt-making without patterns

Sewing Secrets from the Fashion Industry: Proven Methods to
Help You Sew Like the Pros a book by Susan Huxley -- workshops and distance learning for how to make
shoes and sandals, located in Washington state

Fashion Illustration for Designers a textbook by Kathryn Hagen
Fashion Design Drawing Course by Caroline Tatham
Fashion Templates -- free downloads of silhouettes to use  

How to Become a Fashion Designer from Fashion Net
Majoring in Fashion Design -- the pros and cons
Fashion Designer -- career profile

The Creative Machine -- a Yahoo! group for creative sewers

Furniture Design

Arts and Crafts in Furniture Design -- a brief history

Eero Aarnio: Pioneer in Plastic Design famous for the "Ball Chair"

The Works of Charles and Ray Eames -- mid-century designers

A Century of Chairs from the Design Museum of London

R 20th Century Design -- mid-century modern designs

Vivavi -- contemporary environmentally-sustainable furniture
Kim Kelzer Studios -- whimsical and fanciful furniture designs
Macek Furniture -- modern-style wood furniture
Bike Furniture Design -- actually constructed from bike parts
Design Centro Italia -- modern Italian furniture, all sorts

Chicago Furniture Designer's Association -- great gallery photos

RI School of Design -- undergrad degree in furniture design
Savannah College of Art and Design - undergrad in furinture design

Sustainable by Design -- what is sustainability in furniture making

Furniture Designer and Builder - a job profile

Interior Design

Living with Kids: Solutions for Family-Friendly Interiors a book
by Eugenia Santiesteban

No-Sew, Low-Sew Interior Decor a book by Janus Bullis

Space Architecture -- interview with designers for NASA

Majoring in Interior Design -- the pros and cons
Interior Designer -- career profile

Graphic Design

Tour de Ink -- examples of original hand lettered fonts from Typophile
Creating a Billboard Campaign-- interviews with two designers

Majoring in Graphic Design -- the pros and cons
graphic designer -- career profile

Commercial and Industrial Design

Majoring in Commercial Art and Advertising -- the pros and cons
Majoring in Industrial Design -- the pros and cons
Commercial / Industrial Designer -- career profile
Environmental Design -- tons of resources for green design and
building from the UC Berkley Library

Backpack Designer -- interviews designer from Columbia Sportswear
Toy Design -- interview with designers from K'Nex
Toy Car Design -- interview with a Hot Wheels designer
Designing Dolls -- interview with Barbie designers

Engineering Faster Bikes -- interview with design engineers
Designing Stronger Skateboards -- interview with designer
Designing Phones --interviews with designers and engineers

Other Resources
Design an Arts and Crafts Tile -- free online from the V&A Museum
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