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Visual Arts Curriculum for Homeschoolers

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Curriculum, programs, online tutorials, and ordering supplies for art...

Art Curriculum

Art Project for Kids -- free online, lots of step-by-step paper-based art
projects for all ages, incorporates study of famous artists, and cultures

Art in Story: Teaching Art History to Elementary School Children
(Second Edition) by Marianne C. Saccardi -- a wonderful resource book
that gives kid-friendly descriptions of art movements from cave art to
computer art, provides read-aloud stories artists, and includes related art
projects and suggestions for other art to view, relevant books, etc.

Artistic Pursuits: The Curricula for Creativity  -- (K - 12) complete
instructional curriculum covers three or four years in each volume and  
teaches both the expressive and technical aspects of art

Art Ed Books and Kits by BORIS JANET-- a series showcasing a variety
of artists-- each book/kit includes: a book with a biography of the artist
that discusses his/her life and career, including full-color art
reproductions and photographs of the artist in the studio; an 8-page
activity book with step by step instructions to help children create their
own masterpiece; plus (!!!) paper, non-toxic paint, oil pastels, pencils,
brushes, palettes, glue—the kinds of materials the artist actually used.

GeeArt -- a reasonably priced online interactive art appreciation
program, lessons are presented by animated characters, free demo   

Exploring Art Media -- a one-year curriculum equivalent to a year of
high school art, but OK for grades 5 and up, includes    

Atelier  -- (PreK - 10) video based art curriculum, covers art elements
and principles, art history, media exploration, creative self-expression,
cultural appreciation, right-brain drawing techniques

Meet the Masters -- a complete art curriculum, includes CD-ROM,
teacher's guide with scripted lesson plans, art supplies available
separately,  each lesson features a different artist and covers particular
elements of art, children then complete a project simulating the style of
the featured artist   

Visual Manna -- several art instruction, appreciation, and art history
resources, also learn history, English, geography, the Bible, and science
thru art, techniques include following the steps to correctly draw animals
and using a grid to copy drawings, sample lessons online

Animals in Art: Animal Symbolism from The Incredible @rt Department
-- a collection of resources (history, culture, artists) and lesson plans

The Phonics of Drawing -- from Masterpiece Art Instruction, step-by-
step drawing instruction on CD, other CDs available for other media

Storybook Art: Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles of 100
Favorite Picture Book Illustrators and Preschool Art It's the
Process, Not the Product
and Discovering Great Artists: Hands-On
Art for Children in the Styles of the Great Masters
 and many others
by MaryAnn F. Kohl - great project ideas that emphasize the experience
of creating and enjoying the medium.. not copywork or trying to make a
picture that others will "like"

Middle School and High School Art Curriculum from Brownsburg
Communty Schools -- outline of the art curriculum for a public school

Architecture -- a compilation of links to great websites from the
Incredible @rt Department

ArtsEdge Lessons -- from the Kennedy Center, hundreds of free online
lesson plans in music, art, dance, and theater

Other Art Resources at the Homeschool Diner

How Do I Teach Art?

Free Online Art Lesson Plans

Free Online "How-To's" and Project Ideas

Helpful and Instructional Art Books

Art History and Appreciation

Visual Arts Online Enrichment

Resources for Self-Directed Study in Art

Online Sources for Supplies

Utrect -- art supplies and materials -- tools for sculpting in all media
Dick Blick -- art materials and supplies, retail stores, too
Cheap Joe's -- materials and supplies (mostly painting and drawing)
Flax Art and Design -- art materials plus gifts, toys, games,
Joann Fabric and Crafts -- art, craft, fabric supplies, retail stores, too
Block Sets -- the ultimate wooden blocks

Why not try out Free Online Art Lessons?

Also, see
Homeschooling by Subject  for resources that
integrate art into the study of other subjects
"There is no right way and no wrong way to do art.
There is only your way."  -- MaryAnn F. Kohl
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