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Visual Arts

Art History and Appreciation

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Lesson plans and  other resources for exploring art history, cultural
context, and appreciation...

Periods, Styles, Ethnic Art and Types of Media

Cave Art to Your Art -- a short multi-media history of art

History for Kids: Ancient and Medieval Art

Art of the First World War

Modernism -- an illustrated history from the Minneapolis Institute of Art

Picasso's Bulls -- a series of lithographs demonstrating a transformation
from fully drawn to symbolic line drawing

The Arts and Crafts Pottery Movement

Street Art -- any form of unsolicited art found in public places, includes  
graffiti artwork, stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheatpasting, street poster art,
video projection, and street installations

Manga Mania -- what's it all about? (an article written for parents)

Textiles as Art by Mary Hunt Kahlenberg -- this website discusses th
history and art of blankets, weavings, and batiks with links to artists and
galleries in the US Southwest  

Native American Rugs -- examples and history of the art form

Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets -- gallery and history

Himalayan Art Resources -- definition and examples

Aboriginal Art -- an introduction and history

Museums and Collections

The Getty Museum - video clips of art being made

The National Gallery of Art – online tours

Louvre Museum - a virtual tour of the Louvre in Paris

Artcyclopedia -- search for an artist or work of art

Restoration online – see the process at Minneapolis Institute of the Arts

Art Coloring Pages from Enchanted Learning

Museum of Neon Art
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