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Performing Arts Resources

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Resources for those homeschooling performing arts such as dance,
creative movement, acrobatics, juggling, circus, storytelling, and theater .

What are the Performing Arts? -- definitions and history by Wikipedia

ArtsEdge Lessons -- from the Kennedy Center, hundreds of free online
lesson plans in music, art, dance, and theater


Dance Kids -- an interactive learning website for youngsters interested
in dance, learn while playing games, from the ISTD

Young Dancers -- a news and events e-magazine for teens, cool,
informative, from the ISTD  

Drift. Dancer Without a Body by Koert -- full-length techno-music video
with animated dancer, music by Artefact, dance by Nancy Mauro-Flude
Jazz Dance and Music -- an interactive lesson plan for grade 4 from
The Kennedy Center Arts Edge
Japanese Dance from web-Japan kids-web
The Hula Pages --  information and resources

Dances of Indigenous Peoples -- resources for native and aboriginal
Jammin' The Blues -- music and dance from 1944
Square and Round Dancing --  history and resources
Recreational Folk Dancing -- information and resources

Unicycle Dance -- beautiful!
Dancing Robots -- actual SONY robots!
Disco Elevator -- a video clip from jokaroo
Martha Graham -- biography of "the Dancer of the Century"
Ted Shawn -- one of "America's Irreplaceable Dance Treasures"  -- resources and forum

dancinghomeschool -- an online support group, all dance types


Theatrical Texts and Aids Catalog by Pioneer Drama, a vendor of
resources for theater: plays, musicals, improv, monologues, directing,
acting, playwriting, costume, make-up, and dance, for all ages

MacScouter's Big Book of Skits -- dozens of free, short plays for kids

Story Arts Online -- lesson plans, classroom tips, ideas and resources

Digital Storytelling -- using digital images and narration to relate stories

The Puppetry Store -- supplies videos and educational materials

Give VW a Hand -- great hand shadow puppetry

String Figures instructions

Guitar and Marionette -- performance video clip, a guitarist with a
kazoo and sponge puppet

Fish Faces and more Fish Faces!

Circus Performing

The Flying Wallenda's Acrobatic Homepage -- photos, tips, critiques

Why a Circus? by Jackie Davis for the American Youth Circus

Robert L. Parkinson Library and Research Center at Circus World
Museum -- library collections cover all aspects of American circuses and
Wild West shows from 1793 to the present, free and open to the public

Circus World Museum -- original winter home of Ringling Brs. Circus

Circus Historical Society -- lots of great links to resources

Academy of the Performing Arts in Clowning -- an online distance
learning Clown School, 5 classes available  

The Museum of Juggling -- history, gallery, hall of fame, etc

Make Your Own Juggling Balls -- easy and cool,  for Hacky-Sack, too

Circus Center San Fransisco -- classes, performing troupes, summer
camp, youth-at-risk program

Circus Smirkus -- in Greensboro, Vermont, classes, performing
troupes, summer camp, non-profit foundation

The Moscow State Circus -- a modern circus with no animal acts

Trapeze Arts of California -- classes and camps

Movies about Circuses -- "P.T. Barnum" (1999), starring Beau
Bridges; "Circus World" (1964), starring John Wayne; "The Greatest
Show on Earth" (1953), starring Jimmy Stewart;  and an oldie, "The
Circus" (1928), starring Charlie Chaplin

Cinema and Videography

Cinema: How are Hollywood Films Made? -- a brief tutorial on the
filmmaking industry, from Annenberg Media

The American Film Industry's 100 Funniest American Movies  and
The AFI 100 Greatest Movies of All Time and AFI's Greatest Movie
Musicals -- you can make every night movie night!

Women in Film -- a cool morphing of faces by YouTube's eggman913
Men in Film --  a cool morphing of faces by YouTube's eggman913

The Woods Smell of Shampoo by Koert -- a full-length documentary
exploring the effects of media experiences on our consciousness

Related Issues

Circuses: Three Rings of Abuse -- information from PETA about
animal abuse in some circuses, information on animal training -- "Please say, "No!", because animals can't"
"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary
ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the
wrong end of a telescope." ~~ Dr. Seuss (1904 - 1991)

"We make realities out of our dreams and dreams out of our realities.
We are the dreamers of the dream." ~~ Roald Dahl (1916 - 1990)
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