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Homeschooling Music

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Curriculum, online tutorials,lessons and online enrichment to help
homeschoolers learn about  music.

Resources for Teaching About Music

ArtsEdge Lessons -- from the Kennedy Center, hundreds of free online
lesson plans in music, art, dance, and theater

Bob Jones Music Curriculum -- (preK - 12) complete music
curriculum, each year's set comes with student book, teacher's book, CD,
a soprano recorder required for level 3

Pfeiffer House Music Curriculum -- (K - 6) teaches kids to sight-read,
keep rhythm, sing in tune (Christian children's songs), also teaches
music hand signs, comes with flash cards and CD  

Exploring the World of Music -- (9th to adult) a video on demand
instructional series,  elements of music and cultural expression

The Museum of Musical Instruments -- lots of info and collections

The Diner's All-time Favorite Kids Music

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Lesson Plans -- brief history of rock and
roll, some suggested study topics, and lists of songs for each topic

Jazz Dance and Music -- an interactive lesson plan for grade 4 from

Elements of Jazz: From Cakewalks to Fusion instructional tape by
Bill Messenger, The Peabody Institute of Music, The Teaching Company

Great American Music: Broadway Musicals -- instructional tape by
Bill Messenger, The Peabody Institute of Music, The Teaching Company

How to Listen to and Understand Great Music -- instructional tape
by Robert Greenberg, UC - Berkley, from The Teaching Company

Time Line of Classical Music -- covers composers from Baroque to
20th century, 8.5 feet long

Ruben's Tube -- flaming sound waves...

US Marine Band Kid's Corner - tour the White House with "The
President's Own" band, an interactive learning module

The Cirlce of Fifths

The Electronica Primer - a brief history of styles and artists of "techno"  
music, 1950's to present

Teacher's Guide to Children's Songs -- links to lyrics and sound clips

Sim Tunes -- "...allows kids to make their own "musical pictures." Just
select and draw from the color palette - each color corresponds to a
different musical note. Then watch and listen as the quartet of animated
Bugz dance around the screen, triggering bursts of light and sound each
time they pass over a different colored dot or line. String the colors
together to create a tune."  Not free, but cheap ;-)

Music Lessons

Children's Music Journey  MusIQ Software -- bring your keyboard to
the computer desk, or place your laptop on the piano, and you're all set
for your child to learn piano skills and sight-reading, music games

Big Ears -- a free online ear trainer

Good Ear -- a free online ear trainer

Happy Note -- free downloads of educational music games -- free online music theory flash cards

Alfred Software -- several products for theory, sight-reading, music
theory, etc

Virtual Guitar Fret Board from Stan Williams Music

Harmonic Vision -- music education software for purchase

Practice Spot -- all sorts of free online goodies for parents and students -- free downloads

Understanding the Fundamentals of Music -- instructional tape by
Robert Greenberg, UC - Berkley, from The Teaching Company

Drum Lesson on CD -- by Ike Alexander -- free online piano lessons

Piano Learning Center -- free online games and resources -- free basic tutorials for playing 8 instruments

Beginners Blues Lessons for Piano -- from

Blank Music Paper -- free downloads to print out

Online Enrichment -- Music
online activities, music appreciation, and musicians' websites

Other Resources

The Crafty Music Teacher's Page -- instructions for making instruments
Musical Mysteries from the BBC -- free online games teach about
sound, rythm, mood, etc.

Music4Kids -- kid-sized musical instruments and other accessories

MSNBC Music Page

Songs for Teaching -- educational songs in all subject areas, free
sample clips, pay for downloads

America's Best College Guitar Programs from Guitar News Weekly

For more music resources visit
Online Resources for Music History and Appreciation
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