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Online Resources for Music History
and Appreciation

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Classics for the Kids -- a collection of concert sound clips featuring
various composers, also a collection of
Music by Period  
Dallas Symphony Orchestra -- composer bios, clips, activities, games
Chicago Symphony Orchestra -- a nice glossary of music
New York Philharmonic -- composer bios, music clips, plus games
Sphinx Kids -- composer bios and clips, including minority composers

PBS Go Kids Jazz
What is Jazz? -- a choreographed answer
Down Beat's Jazz 101 -- a guide to jazz styles, history, and stars
The Subject is Jazz: Cool (Part 1) -- from an old TV special (the first in
a series of YouTube videos Parts 1 - 6), music and technical details
Jammin' The Blues -- Lester Young, music and dance from 1944
Miles Davis -- website in honor of jazz musician, trumpet
Dave Brubeck -- jazz musician, piano, still touring at 84! - see tour dates
California Gold: Northern California Folk Music from the Thirties

The Aaron Copland Collection -- 400,000 documents from his life,
including both manuscript and printed music, personal and business
correspondence, diaries, photographs, clippings, and more

World Beats -- musical instruments library, with audio clips

Portland Taiko -- a Japanese style drum ensemble with audio and video
clips (in the Press Room section)

Steel Drums from the Toucans Steel Drum Band -- history, how to
make, sound recordings

What is Gamelon?  -- description and sound clips

CANTUS -- A database for Latin ecclesiastical chant

Charles Mingus -- website in honor of jazz musician, bassist

Pharoah Sanders -- jazz musician, tenor sax

A Brief Timeline of Video Game Music from

The Diner's All-time Favorite Kid's Music

Related Resources

Pearls Before Breakfast -- a Pulitzer Prize winning article by Gene
Weingarten of the Washington Post -- internationally acclaimed violin
virtuoso, Joshua Bell, plays, anonymously, for an hour in a busy subway
plaza... does anyone notice? (includes video footage)
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