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Homeschooling with Executive Function Deficits
aka Executive Dysfunction
aka Organizational Processing Deficits

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Some children have very serious organizational  problems. Tasks that
involve planning, foresight, flexibility, decision-making, organizational skills,
self-monitoring, and self evaluation,  are termed "executive" tasks or
functions.  Children who have severe or persistent deficits in these areas
may have a neuro-biological disorder called Executive Dysfunction.  
Children with Executive Dysfunction may seem disconnected, disorganized,
scattered, forgetful, unprepared, lazy, present unrealistic plans or goals,
and are typically unable to see a project through to completion on their
own.  Executive Function Deficits are sometimes a component of other
disorders, including Aspergers, NVLD, and ADD.  Executive Dysfunction
also shares some characteristics with children who have a
learning style.  

The following articles build a description of the symptoms and issues of
Executive Function Deficits -- please read all of them before dismissing the
possibility (the disorder is complex... and each of these articles only touches
on a few of the issues)

What is Executive Dysfunction?  from LD Online

What Can Parents do to help?  from the website of Kristin S, Kight,
University of Delaware, School of Education

Understanding the Two Executives in Your Brain by Drs. Eide

ADHD Primer for Parents Part I: Executive Functions NOT inattention
as the defining trait by Susan Crum, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.  (though this article
focuses on ADHD, it does a great job of describing some of the executive


Late, Lost and Unprepared: a parent's guide to helping children with
executive functioning by Joyce Cooper-Khan and Laurie Dietzel -- "...
realistic, science-based, and compassionate recommendations for helping
children and young adults weak executive abilities.."  The reviews at
Amazon point to this being a very useful book :-)  (it's about time!)

The Source for Development of Executive Functions -- (K - 12) from
LinguiSystems, a book that describes executive dysfunction disabilities in
children – how they present, how to assess them, and goals for
remediation... but not many specific activities to help reach these goals.  
Good for defining the problems areas that need remediation.   Also
available, a separate publication for ages 16 and up  which includes a  CD
of rehabilitation exercises (geared toward brain injury patients, but may still
be helpful in other situations)

Related Issues:

Organizational problems and the beginning of the school year by
Rick Lavoie from LD Online -- aimed at classroom issues, but include tips
that will help generally, too

Goal-Setting for Children with Learning Disabilities by Dale S. Brown
from LD Online

Sensory Processing Disorders

Help with Short Term Memory

Help for Reluctant Writers

Aspergers Syndrome

Attentional Issues
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