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Dyscalculia (alternate spelling: Discalcula)
aka Math Learning Disability

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

When a child has a long history of difficulty in understanding and learning
math, he or she may be diagnosed as having dyscalculia.  Dyscalculia is
often present in combination with Dyslexia, and can cause similar frustration
and distress.  But dyscalculia can also be found in those without dyslexia.

There are several different categories of "number sense" that can be
causing difficulties.  Some problems can be remediated and some can be
"worked around" by developing coping strategies.  But some math learning
problems seem to be based in biology and cannot be overcome -- much as
a color-blind person cannot be taught to "see" colors.  

While two thirds of adults admit to a fear and loathing of math and varying
symptoms of "math anxiety", only about 7% of the population is estimated to
have an actual math learning disability.  Trouble memorizing math facts is a
more common problem in the general public, but having trouble with math
facts does not always mean a child has dyscalculia.   For instance, many
visual spatial learners have trouble memorizing math facts, but are still
able to understand other basic number concepts that those with dyscalculia

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