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Asperger's Website Resources
by Julie Knapp, copyright 2005

Good websites to browse for info about Asperger’s

Tony Atwood's Asperger's Website

Tammy Glaser's "Aut" to be Home - a website, support group, and
"blog ring" for bloggers who homeschool children with autism, plus lists
of other resources and support groups

Kids Like Mine -- a website by a homeschooling mom, lots of good info
on the challenges of dealing with personalities, sensitivities, health
issues, nutrition, giftedness, and more

Teaching Jeremiah, A Journey into the Mind of an Asperger's
Child -- insightful, touching essays on raising and homeschooling a
young aspie child


The Gray Center -- The Gray Center for Social Learning and
Understanding (the originators of the "Social Story")

Autism/Asperger Publishing Company -- several nice books

Uniquely Gifted

The 2E Newsletter

Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)

Nice list of related books from OASIS

The Son-Rise Program -- from the Autism Treatment Center of
America,  "...providing parents with the skills training they need to help
their child like no one else can... children on the autism spectrum  are
capable of learning, communicating, ... and developing warm and
satisfying relationships with the people in their lives. "

Relationship Development Intervention -- a parent-based
intervention program "where parents are provided the tools to effectively
teach Dynamic Intelligence skills and motivation to their child"

National Association for Child Development -- a private organization
headed by Robert J. Doman, author of
How to Teach your Baby to Read,
"Instead of ascertaining how the child fits within the spectrum, ....NACD
listens to the parents, observes the child, uses a neurological approach
to understand why the child is doing what he or she is doing, and then
teaches the parent home program activities designed for that child."

The Autism Shop -- a store with on-line catalog - toys, books, games,
videos, etc. for kids and parents

Related Issues

Mutated Gene Raises Autism Risk -- research on families with autism
spectrum disorders have helped researchers to identify a specific gene
mutation which may be the biological reason some families have a
susceptibility to autism

Autism & Daily Life--  many child helpful articles from SHEKNOWS

Searching for early signs of autism spectrum disorders --
summarizes some recent theories on genetic and environmental causes