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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Homeschooling Special Situations

Curriculum and Online Resources for
Homeschooling Preschoolers

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Resources and curriculum for teaching 3 to 5 year olds at home.

Free Online Resources

Preschool by Stormie - lots of creative and playful activities

Enchanted Learning Preschool and Kindergarten Activities -- lots
of free printable activities

Mr Roger's Neighborhood -- an interactive site filled with fun activities
for young children and activity guides for parents, plus the words and
sound clips (using RealPlayer) for many of his most famous songs

PBS Kids -- interactive games, music and coloring, plus links to several
websites of favorite PBS TV shows -- links to lessons, units, printables, etc for preschool,
geared toward classroom teachers, but easily adapted to homeschool

Musical Games and Songs -- free online ideas from the BBC

Magical Childhood -- nice low-tech activities and crafts

Homeschool Power -- a homemade family video of children aged 3 - 5
doing things around the house, nice selection of songs accompany it

Boowa & Kwala -- 490+ free online games for kids under 10, teaches
use of the mouse and educational themes, from a British TV program

Sesamee Street Lyrics -- words and sound clips

Main Street by -- each building houses a different
activity that helps children learn to use a computer mouse

Peep and the Big Wide World -- from the TV show, lots of online
educational games and activities

Brightly Beaming Resources - free online Letter of the Week
curriculum and online  support groups for children ages 0 to 8

Fun Ways to Learn About Math -- see the Diner's Math Skills Practice
page for many free online preschool math activities

Living Math -- You don't need a math curriculum to learn about
numbers -- math can be learned thru everyday activities and fun stories

Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins -- Mathematical activities
for parents and their 2- to 5-year-old children

Universal Preschool - "the Universe is our preschool" -- free and very
original ideas for preschool activities, fun and clever

Paula's Archives of Homeschool Advice -- an excellent free
assortment of clever preschool activities for homeschoolers

Learning Foundations Curriculum -- download an extensive free
sample of preschool curriculum (designed for classroom use)

Outdoor Games for Preschoolers -- a nice collection from

Curriculum Suppliers

If you're looking for a separate Reading/Phonics program, checkout the
options on the Homeschool Diner's
Learning to Read page

If you're looking for standards-aligned
School-at-Home Preschool
curriculum, see each individual supplier for details.

Before Five in a Row - by Jane Claire Lambert -  (preK - 6) a
literature-based unit study approach,  provides 5-day lesson plans and
activities for each book covered,  for ages 2 - 12,   arithmetic not
included, optional Bible supplement available

Sonlight Curriculum--  (preK-12) Evangelical Christian-focused,
literature-based liberal arts curriculum that discusses other beliefs in
their "world studies" units,  some use Sonlight as the foundation for a  
"lower-stress" approach to classical education, provides "Instructor's
Guides" to implement daily lessons (minimizes parent prep time),
complete and partial curriculum packages available

Oak Meadow -- (PreK - 12) Waldorf inspired curriculum

Ruth Beechick - educator Ruth Beechick describes her approach to a
Christian-focused, literature-based, eclectic style of homeschooling, she
also wrote the "Three "R's" Series" for teaching K - 3rd at home, includes
when to teach various topics within the general subject areas.

Time4Learning -- (preK - 8) completely online, web-based
standards-aligned curriculum, includes interactive, self-paced lessons,
activities, printable worksheets, learning games, and assessments,
children may work at different levels in different subjects, has a text
narration option, great for special needs children, too!

Laurel Springs Preschool Course -- a complete curriculum with
teacher's guide provided by this distance learning institution, parents do
the actual  teaching

Living Math -- You don't need a math curriculum to learn about
numbers -- math can be learned thru everyday activities and fun stories

I Learn at Home -- a series of stories about an eclectic homeschool
family, as told by the 5 year-old sister, great introduction to the idea of  
homeschooling and a fun springboard to using unit studies and
unstructured learning in your homeschool

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