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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Homeschooling Special Situations
Gifted Homeschooling
by Julie Shepherd Knapp

Books, Websites and Online Support Groups
for Parents Homeschooling Gifted Children

Here are some popular resources you may find helpful...

The Academy of Achievement -- "brings students face-to-face with
the extraordinary leaders, thinkers and pioneers who have shaped our
world", includes interviews with high achievers in all types of areas

Hoagies' Gifted Education Pages --  tons of articles and resources

SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted)

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum -- "Supporting gifted homeschoolers
in California and beyond", resources, events & speakers, an online
group for networking among families, advocacy of homeschooling for
the gifted
Also check out their listing of
Online Gifted Groups by State  to
find  support in your state.

GT CyberSource -- news, events, and helpful info about gifted

Davidson Institute -- a non-profit  foundation that offers resources
to profoundly gifted young people (ages 4-18), website includes news
items, discussion forums, and articles

"Creative Homeschooling: A Resource Guide for Smart
by Lisa Rivero -- a great all-in-one resource for new homeschoolers,
discusses learning styles, homeschooling approaches, etc.

The Duke Gifted Letter -- articles and research about gifted
learning, a few directed at homeschoolers, many of a general (not-
school) nature

The Gifted Development Center --  a highly respected center that
conducts assessments, educational planning, and counseling

TAGMAX -- an online group for those homeschooling G/T children –
support, ideas, advice (click on "Subscribe" to join any of the TAG lists)

GT-World join any of 5 e-groups for G/T families, including groups for
homechooling and  "Twice Exceptional" (gifted with a learning

HSGifted -- an online support group for Christian families
homeschooling gifted children

Homeschooling Mensans -- an online support group, membership
in Mensa is not a prerequisite to joining this group

Uniquely Gifted -- resources for twice exceptional children, plus links
to GT-Spec-home, an online group for 2E gifted homeschooling

FAQs about testing for giftedness  -- good information by Kathi
Kearney for the Davidson Institute.  In general, homeschoolers only
need IQ test results when applying for placement in gifted programs,
and, even in these situations, there are often options for submitting
standardized achievement test results in lieu of IQ results.  Many
homeschooling  families decide to have assessments done, anyway,
to satisfy their own curiosity, re-affirm their observations, and as an
aide to educational planning for their student.  
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