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What Do I Do With All This Free Time...?
(or... "What To Do When You've Finished the Curriculum")

by Ann Seay, copyright 2007

One Mom's suggestions for extra-curricular activities that your teen
may enjoy...

Think outside the box.   You don't have to move on to more
curriculum.   There are plenty of things to do besides
finishing school at lightening speed.  Some ideas:

- get a part time job (one of my sons had a programming job at 13,
another teaches chess)

- volunteer, not just a menial job but something that is meaningful
(one of my sons volunteers at a school for disabled children, working
directly with the kids and their therapists)

- expand your horizons (sports, art, music, community theater - join a
performing group)

- learn additional languages (try one with a different alphabet or a
more esoteric one - one son learned Old English so he could read the
original Beowolf)

- read, read, read (take a 4 year Great Books course, pick a genre
and become an expert, etc.)

- write, write, write (one son wrote a novel -- unpublished -- but it
improved his writing tremendously as well as being a great experience)

- explore something that you are passionate about or become
passionate about something

- develop leadership skills (perhaps something akin to a Boy Scout
Eagle project)

- teach homeschool classes to younger students (my son earned
money, the kids loved him and he learned a lot about leadership,
responsibility and teaching.)

- tutor/mentor a younger gifted child

- get involved in local politics, volunteer at a local official's office

- travel, study for a year abroad

- brainstorm what you enjoy and then figure out how to do it (this may
be hard because of age restrictions, but get creative)

- take some good (really challenging) elective online classes!  Here
are some examples :

The Lukion Project  - online classes in Greek and Roman history,
culture and language

Art of Problem Solving - competition level math classes

eiMACS - great advanced math, computer and logic classes

Or try out one of the free online open course ware classes listed in the
Distance Learning as Gifted Enrichment sections

Most importantly - RELAX.  Don't feel that you have to save the world
before you are 16!   You have plenty of time.

P.S. -- Don't forget to sleep!
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