To waken interest and kindle
enthusiasm is the sure way to teach
easily and successfully

-- Tyron Edwards

Those who make a distinction between
education and entertainment
don't know the first thing about either.   

-- Marshall McLuhan

Good teaching is one-fourth
preparation and three-fourths theater.
-- Gail Godwin
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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Audio-Visual (A-V) Learning Materials

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Whether you're looking for pre-recorded lectures, fast-paced video clips, or educational videos and
documentaries - there are a multitude of A-V resources available to homeschoolers.  Because many
A-V materials can be used at home, in the car, in personal players, or on a laptop, they are good
choices for homeschoolers who travel and for families who tend to do their homeschooling away from

Pre-recorded lectures on video or audio tape are a great approach for children with an auditory
learning style, while educational videos and documentaries may be a better solution for children with a
visual learning style.  Fast-paced A-V materials are sometimes useful for holding the focus of a child
with attention issues.

Educational TV, such as Public Television, The Science Channel, Animal Planet, The History Channel,
etc have a high entertainment value... which can be helpful when homeschooling a "reluctant learner"
or a child who is recovering from a negative school experience.  

Don't overlook the educational value of the visual and performance arts.  Field trips to view art
museums, photography shows, children's theater, live music performances, orchestras and operas,
ballet, and other forms of dance can all be springboards to learning about different cultures,
languages, time periods, and geography.

Curriculum Suppliers and Other Resources:

The suppliers listed below provide educational A-V resources on audiotape, audio CD, VHS videotape,
and DVD.  Also visit the "Computer Based Learning" section for a list of software and other A/V
curricula for the computer. Several institutions listed in the  "Distance Learning" section teach by using
video-taped lectures.  Also visit the "Homeschooling by Subject" section for more resources listed by
subject area.

Library Video Company - whether you buy from this company or simply use their website to identify
video options, this is a very helpful site for finding out what is available by topic

Teacher's Video Company --  lists videos by category to help you find the topics you are interested,
online previews available for many titles --

Brain Pop - thousands of educational animated cartoon segments on topics in all subject areas,
humorous and fast-paced, subscription, free trial available

Schlessinger Media (a division of the Library Media Company) - over 1000 educational videos
(many of them  award-winning) on all topics and for all grade-levels, often available thru public
libraries  -

Discovery Education - educational videos from the Discovery Channel School, also, see United
Streaming Homeschool for online digital video-based learning.  All subject areas.

Teaching Company Video Lecture Series - strives to ignite the passion for lifelong learning by
offering great courses taught by great professors, great teachers from the Ivy League, Stanford,
Georgetown, and other leading colleges and universities have crafted over 200 courses for lifelong
learners, available on DVD, video, audiotape, and CD, the adventure of learning, without the
homework or exams.

School House Rock - (K - 6) fun educational videos with catchy tunes to help with memorization

Songs for Teaching -- educational songs in all subject areas, free sample clips, pay for downloads

Standard Deviants - (6 - 12) fun, humorous, fast-paced educational videos for all subjects

Little Mammoth Media - award-winning videos of "real-life children's adventures", video field trips to
15 locations     

MediaSite.com - this website has a search tool that locates educational video segments and lets you
view them online for free

Annenberg Media - (K - adult) educational videos can be viewed free online using "Video on
Demand" , or purchased thru their website

Discovery Learning Connections - over 30,000 educational video segments (search by topic) and
"brain games", subscription-based, with a free 2 week free trial

Explore Learning - a collection of short math and science leaning modules called "Gizmos" available
thru subscription, free trial available

United Streaming - a subscription-based "Video on Demand" supplier of over 30,000 educational
videos, used in schools, discounted homeschool yearly subscriptions available

A+ Educational Video Rental - only carries educatonal/instructional videos - Math, Science
Language Arts, Social Studies, Humanities.  Has favorites like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Discovery
School,  Families of the World series, and School House Rock.

Netflix - online DVD rentals with large selelction of educational titles

AHA Movielovers --  created for movie lovers!...the best new movies, the best old videos, share your
favorite movie moments, discuss background details, and yes - even how movies can be used in

Be sure to check the Homeschooling by Subject section
for more A-V resources!
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