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Glossary of Homeschooling Terms

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright, 2006

School-at-Home Curriculum

School-at-Home Curriculum consists of a complete set of materials
designed to teach all subjects at a specific grade level.  This usually  
includes teacher's guide books, lessons, worksheets, tests, and other
activities -- everything needed to teach one child for the entire school year.  
This is similar to the approach used in public school, so it is often called
"School-at-Home" and is often based on state educational standards, so it
can also be called "standards-aligned" curriculum.  

If you want to re-create the public school environment in your homeschool,
then this is probably the kind of "formal" curriculum you are looking for.  You
may buy complete packaged sets from curriculum suppliers, or you may
create or pull-together your own curriculum using textbooks and online

Many school-at-home curricula are described in