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The Homeschool Diner's Guide to
Cyber Schools for Homeschoolers

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

Cyber Schools are popping up all over as more and more families have
access to the Internet.  Cyber schools, also called Virtual Academies,
Online Academies, and  "Cover" or "Umbrella" schools, will, for a yearly fee,
approve and oversee the use of a curriculum for the homeschool parent,
optionally including administering tests, keeping records, and providing
transcripts and diplomas.  

For some homeschoolers, enrollment in a Cyber School or an  
Umbrella/Cover School may be necessary to meet their particular state's
homeschool requirements.  (see the
Know Your Homeschooling
Regulations section for more info on legal issues.)  Even when not
required, some parents are just more comfortable with a third party
overseeing their child's education.

If you are not really interested in signing up with a cyber school... but your
child enjoys learning on the computer -- check out the
Instruction section where you will find many "a la carte" choices, and quite
a few free online courses.  Also look thru the
Homeschooling by Subject
section where you will find plenty of online resources in each subject area.

Many Cyber schools use the
School-at-Home approach to learning.  
Some actually are
public charter schools that are attended at home,
sometimes called  public e-schools.  

There are Cyber Schools that are willing to work with homeschoolers who
do not use the School-at-Home approach.  They are listed in the "
Learning" section, along with colleges who provide online classes for
children, and schools who provide gifted enrichment classes.  

There are also many free and subscription online courses, modules and
curriculum available on the Internet -- you will find them within each school
subject in the
Homeschooling by Subject section of the Diner.