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Glossary of Homeschooling Terms

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright, 2006

Alternative Curriculum

Alternative Curriculum is designed to help parents teach their children
using a particular homeschooling approach or philosophy -- this is usually
quite different from how public schools teach.  There are, for example,
curricula that use ideas and methods drawn from Classical Education,
Waldorf Philosophy, the Charlotte Mason approach, and many others.  
Some alternative curricula are very structured and formal, others are more
flexible and informal.  Some provide pre-packaged teacher's guides, daily
lesson plans, and tests.  Others provide suggested weekly goals, or just a
list of suggested resources.  

A packaged alternative curriculum isn't really a necessity for teaching the
various alternative methods, and many homeschool parents do just fine
without one.  Instead, many parents prefer to follow the advice, suggestions,
and methods presented by the educators who developed the different
methods.  They look to books, essays, websites and online support groups
for guidance in creating their own informal alternative curriculum using
library, online, and community resources.

Many alternative curricula are described in the
Guide to Homeschooling