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Study Guides, Discussion Guides,
Book Reports, and Other Resources

by Julie Shepherd knapp, copyright 2006

So, what do we do after we read the books...?

Creative Ideas for Book Report Alternatives

100 Things to Do With Books -- why settle for a boring book report?

Book Reports for the Bored -- creative options

Ten Ways to Play With Literature by Traci

Paper Bag Book reports -- great hands-on idea

Quadraramas and other book report ideas

Ten Character Diary Entries by Traci -- ideas for character analysis

The Classics Curriculum -- unit studies for 12 children's classics

Literature-based WebQuests -- a nice listing from Eduscapes of
online webquests related to specific books, K - 12  (for other webquests,
see the
Computer-based Instruction section of the Homeschool Diner)

Study Guides and Literature Lessons

Literary Lessons from The Lord of the Rings -- equivalent to a full
credit of high school English. In addition to The Lord of the Rings,
students learn about
Beowulf, the Arthurian stories, over 120 literary
terms, over 600 vocabulary words, a wide range of suggested writing
assignments, and all tests and quizzes. Designed for self-directed study
(grades 7-12)

Garlic Press Literature Series -- guides to The Hobbit, Redwall,
Mrs. Frisby, the Rats of NIMH
, Lord of the Flies, The Giver, and 13
other children's classics

Literature Guides from Secondary Solutions -- nice in-depth guides
that promote thinking (much more than just comprehension questions)

Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum Series -- literature-based unit
studies based on great works of literature, such as
Narnia, Ann of
Green Gables
, and Little House on the Prairie with suggested
explorations in history, science, home economics, art, and Bible.

Redwall Unit -- fun project ideas for the book Redwall by Brian Jacques

Snow White Unit -- comparative study of different versions and media

Free Teaching Units -- links to lots of free online book study guides

Hewitt's Lightning Literature and Composition Guides -- choose
from 11 highschool level units on
American, British, Medieval, or
World Literature
, plus Shakespeare comedies or tragedies.  
Includes author biographies, comprehension questions, lessons, writing
exercises, additonal reading suggestions, and discussion questions.
You might consider ordering
Classical Comics which offers graphic
novel (comic book) versions of Shakespeare plays, Frankenstein, and
several other books. They offer three versions -- one with the full original
text, one with modern text equivalent, and one with simplified text for
struggling readers. or, try
Manga-style Shakespeare, which has an
abbreviated version of the story, but uses the original language.

William and Mary Center for Gifted Education Curriculum
Materials -- (K - 12) curriculum designed for classroom use, but can be
modified by parents to use at home or with learning co-ops, includes
language arts, social studies and science

How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining
Guide to Reading Between the Lines a book by Thomas C. Foster,
helps readers see the symbolism in writing, also discusses major themes,
literary models, narrative devices, etc., for teens and adult readers

How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler -- a classic reprinted many
times, for those reading at about an 8th grade level or higher, who wish
to improve comprehension and reading approach, and learn to analyze
and "digest" literature

Mentis Online -- aimed at gifted children in grades 3rd - 6th,  online
weekly classes in literary analysis and writing

DanteWorlds -- an interactive multimedia journey and study/discussion
guide of
Dante's "Divine Comedy", by Univ Texas at Austin

Glencoe Literature -- each book contains a complete novel or play
accompanied by several related readings, such as short stories, poems,
essays, or informational articles, over 60 titles

Teaching Science Fiction and Fantasy -- a compilation of resources
for many children's classics, including the books, study guides, lesson
plans, book group discussion guides, and critical analysis guides
(available for purchase thru this website and thru other book sellers)   

Teachers@Random House -- free online study guides for many books

Ten Ways to Use Cliff Notes  by Traci (worthwhile ways!)

Book Club and Discussion Group Resources

Carol Hurst's Featured Books -- reviews, discussion points, and
activities for dozens of books from picture books such as The Mitten, to
chapter books, such as Charlotte's Web, Number the Stars, and Redwall -- reviews of popular teen books, discussion guides

Great Books Foundation - free online discussion guides to promote
learning thru literature, or start your own homeschool discussion group,
using their  "shared Inquiry" method of book discussion.

The Modern Library Reading Group Guides - discussion starters,
search by author or title, some free excerpts available

Literature Circles -- creative tools to encourage book discussions and
anlysis, designed for book club use, but great to use individually, too

Deconstructing Penguins: Parents, Kids, and the Bond of Reading
-- a book by Lawrence Goldstone, Nancy Goldstone, teaches parents
how to treat stories as a puzzle to unlock thru discussion, aimed at
juvenile fiction

Teach With Movies - subscription required, learning guides to over 250
movies, four free sample guides offered.  Now you can read the book,
watch the movie, and discuss the differences

Other Resources -- a free e-mail subscription sends daily, short,
interesting book excerpts to your e-mail box

Book Adventure - a free reading motivation program by Sylvan
learning, allows children to search the database for books by grade level,
subject or title, uses a point system for motivation

Full Bookcases?  Organize your books, using these
free printable
Dewey Decimal System signs with cute Jan Brett illustrations
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