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The Homeschool Diner's
Homeschooler's Guide to the Galaxy

Guide to Homeschooling Approaches
and Curriculum (and Everything)

By Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

A listing and brief description of various homeschooling approaches, popular methods,
and philosophies and a review of the different types of instructional materials that are
available in the US.  

Under Popular Methods and Philosophies, below, you'll find a listing of the most
popular ways parents go about homeschooling.  Each approach is given a brief
description, and you will find links to additional books and websites so you will be able
to research the methods you think you and your child might enjoy.  Under each
approach you will find curriculum options, brief reviews of some popular commercial
products, free online resources, and a listing of important  websites and  books.

Homeschool approaches are also grouped and presented according to the main types
of learning materials they use.  Some approaches and curriculum fit in more than one
section, if so, they are listed in each.
Types of Instructional Materials, below, you will find descriptions of the main
types of materials available to you, along with discussions of the kinds of students that
may find them useful.  Several popular resources are reviewed for each media.

Guide to Homeschooling Approaches:

Popular Methods and Philosophies:
Unit Studies
Charlotte Mason
Classical Education
Delayed Instruction
Eclectic Homeschooling
Montessori Homeschooling
Waldorf Homeschooling
Enki Homeschooling
The Moore Formula
Thomas Jefferson Education
Holistic and Alternative Homeschooling
Unschooling / Self-Directed Learning
Independent Research / Self-Directed Learning
School-at-Home / Public e-School
Distance Learning as an Umbrella/Cover School
Distance Learning for Gifted Enrichment
Cyber Schools / Online Academies

Types of Instructional Materials:
Learning thru Literature
Workbooks and Worktexts
Hands-On Learning
Educational Games
Audio and Visual Materials
Computer-Based Learning

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